Lovemaking was done in the dark, or, in those cases where they had not been able to make it to the bedroom, Emily had kept her eyes closed. She knew that it was immature, but she needed to find the freedom Dre' wished for her in her own time.

Emily's hand shook as she reached out and just barely grazed her fingers against his quiescent member. Impressive even at rest, the young woman marveled how such an innocuous looking column of flesh could transform into the hot, hard thing that drove her to cry out Andresj's name.

Her courage grew with each cautious touch. Dre' did not stir beneath her ministrations, and Emily grew bolder. A single forefinger traveled along the length of him, following a barely detectable vein that ran from tip to base.

Emily jerked her hand back as Andresj's penis gave a tiny twitch. The young woman watched in wonder as it seemed to come to life before her eyes. Her gaze flew to Andresj's face, which remained peaceful and at rest.

She swallowed and watched him harden and lengthen impressively. Soon, his erection stretched upward, just barely bobbing in time to the pulsing of his blood.

Emily reached out her hand.


Andresj' laughed as the young woman nearly jumped out of her skin. Sitting up, he quickly grabbed her arm and prevented her embarrassed escape. "No, Em," he said, "I am sorry. I should not have teased you so."

Emily kept her head turned away in shame. She felt Andresj's strong hand cup her chin and turn her face to his.

"I am sorry," he said, all laughter gone from his face. "That you have decided to explore my body pleases me beyond end. You know this, don't you?"

Emily's eyes searched his face and found no trace of censure. A teasing smile graced Andresj's face as he pulled her back onto the bed. "Let us do this properly," he smiled wickedly. "Emily Bowen Quartermaine," he grasped her hand and wrapped her nerveless fingers about his erection, "this is Andryusha (Little Andrei)... Go ahead, Em," he said, thrusting into her hand gently, "say hello."