Now Jerry was the one on the outside looking in. And he should have been happy for his little brother that once again a chance for happiness had come Jax's way. But as he unashamedly watched Jasper settle himself between Dara's warm, welcoming thighs, Jerry felt a red-hot jealousy gnaw at his guts. Jaser would never be able to hold on to a woman such as Dara. Jerry’s chest tightened until he could scarcely draw breath.  The sight of Dara’s graceful hands gliding smoothly up and down his baby brother’s tanned back made his fists clench in fury.

The surf echoed with the sound of Jasper’s exuberant masculine laugh.  Jerry watched as his handsome blond sibling suddenly held aloft Dara’s brilliant white bikini bottom.  Jax twirled it around before tossing it aside on the wet sand.

A jealous Jerry stared daggers at the amorous couple.  He was so fixated upon the sight of them that he was unaware he had risen from his place of concealment and was now easily visible.

It was only when Jax’s hand slid between he and Dara’s wet, slick bodies in an obvious effort to free himself that Jerry forced his gaze away.

Jerry angrily made his way through the jagged rocks back to the overgrown path that led up the cliff face.  The last thing he wanted to do was endure the sounds of Dara’s breathless cries as she lost herself to Jasper’s caresses.

That should have been him down there on the beach making love to Dara Jensen.  It could have been him.

Jerry cursed the fates that had conspired to reunite the estranged couple just as his relationship with his sister-in-law was about to change irrevocably.

For nearly six months Jerry had consoled and commiserated with a broken hearted Dara over her separation from his little brother.  Jasper’s former lover Brenda had miraculously ‘returned from the dead’.  And despite all of Jericho’s advice to steer clear of the ‘midget model’ as he called her, Jax had gone running every time the demanding young woman called.

The fact that Jax believed that his wife would meekly accept being second among his priorities was more than enough proof to his older brother that Jasper was neither prepared nor equipped to hold on to such a strong, dynamic woman.

Jerry took a quick glance back over his shoulder.  It was only long enough to confirm that Jax and Dara were indeed – without reservation – making love on the cool sands of the Jax family private beach.

Wordlessly he made his way back to the private bungalow he had shared with Dara over the past month.  He ignored all his belongings but his wallet and hopped into his jeep and sped away down the island’s single little dirt road. 

There was no way he could stand before the happily reunited couple and pretend to share their joy.  All he could do was bide his time.  Some other damsel in distress would call upon Jasper for help and once again Dara would be on her own.

And if Jerry knew his sister-in-law like he had come to, then Jax’s independent, sensual young wife would not stand idly by and wait while his little brother played knight errant yet again.  Dara would finally realize that what she needed was not ‘Prince Charming’ and all his goodness.  What she needed was a ‘dark knight’ with a penchant for danger.

She needed Jerry.