Alexandra felt a heady sense of power at her new stepson’s immediate and involuntary reaction.   Though he thought it well disguised, Nikolas had not completely hidden his sharp intake of breath.  The next heir to the Cassadine ‘throne’ desired her badly, and it did not seem to matter that Alexandra was already his father’s.

“Have you run out of film, Nikolas?” the Princess asked, wide-eyed.  “You are just standing there,” she explained.

Nikolas shook himself from his wayward thoughts.  He reminded himself once more that Alexandra DiMera was 1) older than he, 2) a married woman, and most importantly, 3) his father’s new bride.

Too bad his aroused body did not care about making those particular distinctions.  Staring through his camera’s lens at the tawny beauty, Nikolas saw only a desirable woman engaged in a most dangerous flirtation with him.

Alexandra twirled slowly around, well aware that the action merely served to provide Stavros’ son with tantalizing glimpses of her toned, taut flesh.  “What do you think of this?” 

The beautiful young woman buried her hands in her hair and struck yet another sensual pose.  Her eyes took on an unholy light and she began to move slowly toward the spot where her stepson stood rooted.

Alexandra undid the single button that held her blouse together.  With practiced ease she allowed the flowing silk to slip from her shoulders, exposing a delicate bra and what seemed to Nikolas to be an endless expanse of creamy, flawless brown skin.

She gave a tiny triumphant laugh as she took in Nikolas’ dazed expression.

“Is she not beautiful?”  From over Nikolas’ shoulder, Stavros’ question cut through the silence.  The Cassadine Prince sauntered into the room, brushing past his speechless son as though Nikolas was an insignificant stranger.

Stavros grabbed a handful of his wife’s hair and pulled her hard against him.  “You will pay for this insolence,” he growled softly before capturing Alexandra’s mouth in a bruising kiss.  He is my son.

“Yes.”  Alexandra flashed an unrepentant smile.  “I know.  I could tell,” she snaked a hand between their bodies and squeezed his hardness, “from his very obvious ‘reaction’.”

Stavros looked down upon the fiery woman in his arms and once more thanked the heavens for the tragedy that had warped staid, upstanding Lexi Carver into Princess Alexandra DiMera Cassadine – a woman as perverse as her new husband.

“Leave us!” Stavros harshly commanded his son.  He did not look back to see whether Nikolas heeded his edict, but began to divest his wife of the flowing blouse that just barely hung from her delicate wrists.

Alexandra looked past her husband.  Nikolas stood just inside the door watching them with an expressionless visage.  His eyes, though, burned with both anger and jealousy.

“Does he have to leave?” Alexandra purred in her husband’s ear. 

Both Cassadine men stiffened at her words.  Nikolas angrily departed the room, slamming the door loudly behind him.  Stavros grabbed Alexandra in a bruising grip and jerked the tawny beauty against him.  “You belong to me,” he reminded her tightly.  “Me, alone!”

“Of course, my Prince.”   Alexandra flashed an unrepentant grin.  “What need would I have for a younger, more virile version of you?”

Lexi’s taunt pierced Stavros’ Achilles heel – his vanity.  He dragged his young bride to the floor and began to roughly peel the faded blue jeans from her slender body.  Alexandra laughingly struggled against his actions.  She had no desire to forestall Stavros from his course, merely to frustrate him even more than he was.

After a prolonged struggle, Alexandra finally lay naked beneath her aroused husband.  Stavros did not bother with words, but instead quickly freed himself and buried his thickened member deep inside his bride.  “Mine!”  The single word was Stavros’ only intelligible utterance.  Thereafter the room echoed with the sounds of his guttural moans and primal grunts.

Alexandra wrapped her lithe thighs about his waist as Stavros settled into a furious rhythm.  “Oh, yes,” she panted in his ear.  “Oh, yes, Nikolai!”

Stavros faltered and lost his rhythm.  He threw his head back and let loose a frightening scream of rage.  His fingers buried themselves in Alexandra’s hair, nearly pulling the silken strands from her head.

Through the haze of agonizing pain, Alexandra smiled broadly.  Her seeming slip of the tongue had had it’s desired affect.  “Yes, my Prince!” she cried joyfully as a cruel and unholy light came to Stavros’ eyes.  “Yes!  Punish me now as only you can!”

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