The Story Continues

No, she laughed.  She'd never use her new status as the wife of the police commissioner against one of his officers.

The black-and-white pulled up smoothly behind her and a uniformed officer climbed out.  Dara began rummaging in her glove box for her registration and proof of insurance.  When she'd found it, she turned to the officer who stood waiting patiently beside her door.

As she rolled down her window, a familiar voice inquired, "Do you know why you're being stopped, Ma'am?"

In shock, she sat up and took a good look at the man in the uniform.  "Mac?!"

"Officer Scorpio to you, Miss."  His face was stern.  "I'll repeat my question.  Do you know why you're being stopped?"

Dara could only shake her head.  This was an unreal situation, and she wasn't quite sure what was going on.

"In that case, I"m going to have to ask you to step out of the vehicle."


He held up a finger in warning, and opened her door.  Dara climbed out slowly.  Almost as soon as her feet touched the ground, Officer Scorpio directed her around to the other side of the SUV.  "Up against the vehicle and spread 'em."

Realization flooded Dara's face.  She took a moment to survey the area where they were.  The wooded land shielded them from any curious eye, and on the odd chance that a vehicle might actually traverse this road, the height of the SUV would block their view.

A little surprised that Mac would be so daring, Dara was nonetheless aroused.  It seemed there were sides to her new husband that were yet to be discovered.      Deciding to play along with his game, Dara turned and faced the vehicle.  She placed her palms on the smooth black surface and carefully spread her legs.

Mac walked up behind her and just barely brushed his body against hers.  He reached out and frisked her slowly, beginning with her wrists.  His large hands smoothed the soft skin along her arms.  Reaching gently around her, he cupped her breasts in his hands and rubbed his thumbs across her hardening nipples.  As she began to turn her head toward him, his movement stopped. 

Quickly Dara faced the vehicle once more.  A strangled moan caught in her throat as he brushed his arousal against her.  Even in the heavy patrolman's uniform, she could feel his hardness.

His hands continued their journey down her body.  His caresses followed her contours with precision all the way down to her ankles. 

Back up her legs he traveled.  This time his hand smoothed her inner thighs.  One at a time he rubbed the smooth skin softly, and Dara could only bite her lip with pleasure.

Mac stood up straight.  "Okay," he told her.  Dara brought her legs together and began to turn around.  "No," Mac said quietly, but with authority.      He reached underneath  her dress and hooked his fingers into the band of the tiny lingerie he knew she wore.  Silently he began to lower them down her legs.

"Mac-" Dara began to protest faintly.  She felt so exposed, so...wanton.

"Trust me," were the only words he spoke.

He lifted each foot and freed the tiny scrap of silk before placing it in his pocket.    Once more he grasped her wrists and placed them spread against the SUV.  Understanding his desire, she spread her legs for him.

Mac pressed his body lightly against hers and reached around to caress her.  His fingers moved unerringly to her softness.  She was already wet.  He plunged a finger into her and sighed at the heat that surrounded him.

"Please..." Dara asked.  The danger of their setting, and the nearness of the sensual man behind her had begun to overload her senses.

Having mercy upon her, Mac withdrew his finger.  Before Dara could protest, she heard the sound of the uniform's zipper.  Taut with desire, she waited in anticipation.

Suddenly she felt him pressing against her, demanding entrance.  Dara let her head fall back against his neck in silent permission.  Mac gripped her wrists lightly and plunged fully into her core.  His name tore from her throat.

 Slowly he began to move, his thrusts measured and deep.  The sensations were overwhelming and it took all Dara had within her to force her trembling legs not to buckle.

Sensing her excitement, Mac began to hasten his strokes. Furiously he began to pound into her, and the friction they generated became almost too intense to withstand.

They both cried for release from arousal that was almost painful in its strength.

Mac felt the clutch of Dara's orgasm.  His body began to thrust instinctively and with one last grinding stroke, he surrendered. 

They stood that way until their breathing returned to normal.  Kissing her neck, Mac withdrew and began to adjust his clothes.

Her forehead against the cool metal of the vehicle, Dara smoothed down her dress with trembling hands.  Mac turned her around to face him.  He removed the patrolman's hat which hid his face and kissed her gently.  "I love you, Mrs. Scorpio."

"I love you, too, whoever you are."  Dara caressed his face and laughed.  "Do you think anyone would ever believe you did this?"

"Probably not," he smiled in return.  "So we'll just keep this our little secret."