Captive Audience

Stefan began to stir. His limbs felt awkward and sore. No doubt a result of last night's frantic lovemaking. As he stirred to wakefulness, he was jolted awake by an inability to move. "What the devil?" he cursed aloud.

Looking around quickly, he was startled to find his arms bound to the bedposts. And with his favorite silk ties, he thought absurdly.

"Don't panic," Sabrina said. "It's just me."

Stefan wasn't amused. "Untie me." His voice was glacial and his tone brooked no argument.

Sabrina let her silk robe fall to the floor. "Noooo," she drawled thoughtfully, "I don't think so. Tell me Stefan," she sat down on the bed beside him, "how does it feel not to be in charge for a change?"

He glared silently at her. Stefan refused to do anything so demeaning as putting up a struggle. And Sabrina knew that. Her smug little smile taunted him, dared him to lose his cool demeanor. "I do not find this...arousing," he sniffed disdainfully.

"Maybe you don't," she looked down pointedly, "but The Cassadine does."

She was outrageous. Stefan could not maintain his anger when she was in a mood like this. He covered his amusement with mock anger. "How many times must I ask you to refrain from such ridiculous references to my person?"

"You," she said emphasizing the word, "are the one who insisted that it had to be pampered and caressed and handled carefully. So I think The Cassadine is a perfect name for it. It's just like you."

"Indeed? How so?"

"Well, for one, it springs to attention whenever I enter the room. And," she continued, "it is sometimes very rigid, but can still make me smile."

"And no other woman will control it but me."

Stefan decided to deflate her ego. "That is not exactly true," he responded thoughtfully. "I have noticed it spring to attention when Barbara enters the room."

Sabrina's eyes narrowed. "Oh, really?"

"There is no cause for anger, Sabrina. I was merely pointing out the flaws in your scenario."

Whirling on her heel, the nude woman stalked angrily to the large walk-in closet. Disappearing inside, she began to search. Intrigued and wary, Stefan waited to see just what it was Sabrina sought so eagerly for. "Ahhh," came her sigh of satisfaction, and she returned to the room triumphantly waving a small camera.

"Sabrina," Stefan began aghast, "you would not dare!"

"Why not? It will be fun." She climbed atop the bed and aimed the camera at him.

"Enough, Sabrina." His voice was as stern as he could manage.

She pulled the camera down from her eye. "We can put them in the safe when we're finished. You don't have to worry about anyone getting a hold of them." Her expression became thoughtful. "Although, if Luke Spencer did get his hands on them it would only make him jealous. He definitely does not compare."

As the implications of her remark sank in, Stefan's eyes flashed with anger. "What would you know about Spencer's shortcomings?"

"Probably as much as you know about his sister's." With that said, she began to snap pictures of Stefan from every angle.

In desperation, Stefan began to strain discreetly against his bonds. As soon as he did, however, Sabrina dropped the camera onto the bed. "Fine," she muttered. "Are you satisfied now? I've put down the camera."

Any amusement -and arousal -he might have felt was gone. All Stefan wanted was to be untied, and be given an opportunity to deliver punishment. "I will be satisfied when you release me."

"Oh, I can't do that," Sabrina replied. "But I will play a game we both will like." Walking over to the dresser, she picked up a bottle of lotion. Swinging it playfully, she climbed onto the bed and straddled Stefan's thighs.

"What's the matter," she pouted, reaching down to caress his now-softened member. "The Cassadine doesn't want to play anymore?" Stefan merely glared. Sabrina shrugged and twisted open the bottle of lotion. Making a show of her actions, she held it over his flat, firm stomach and tipped it over.

Stefan's indrawn breath was a hiss as the cold lotion made contact with his skin. "I'm sorry," Sabrina asked, her voice falsely concerned. "Was that cold?"

Their eyes did battle silently. Stefan's cool green eyes demanded obedience of Sabrina, while her fiery dark eyes radiated only defiance. Neither would surrender.

Breaking his gaze, she looked at the pool of lotion now warming on his chiseled abdomen. Giving Stefan a sultry smile, Sabrina gathered up nearly a third of the liquid onto her hand. She brought her hands together and began to rub the lotion between them, further warming it.

Extending her hands - palms outward - to him, the still bound Cassadine Regent watched as his bride of three weeks began leaning toward him. Her progress was so gradual that it seemed she moved in slow motion. Sabrina's hands moved toward his chest and he held his breath in anticipation of her touch.

A millimeter from his skin, she pulled back her hands and began to apply the lotion onto her own chest. In slow circles she smoothed the lotion over her breasts, taking particular care with her hardened nipples. His breathing hastened, Stefan could only watch.

Reaching down onto his stomach once more, Sabrina removed another handful of lotion. Entranced, her new husband watched her every move. Once again she warmed it between her hands before this time spreading it over her trim, flat stomach.

He watched the play of muscle and sinew as she stretched her body upward. A smile of genuine pleasure adorned her face as she massaged the liquid into her already supple skin. When she had no more moisture on her fingers, she reached over for the remaining lotion.

Once more warming the lotion between her hands, Sabrina shifted her position slightly. As Stefan watched, wide-eyed, she reached down between her thighs and began to caress herself. "Wha-" He was forced to clear his throat. "What are you doing?" His voice sounded rusty, even to himself.

"I'm starting without you."

Helplessly he watched as she continued to caress the sensitive fold of skin. Sabrina's head fell back and her eyes shut. The only sounds in the room were her groans of pleasure and Stefan's tortured breathing.

Suddenly, her eyes flew open and met his. "I'm really not being fair to you, am I?" With a small half-smile, she climbed off him and began to walk toward the bathroom. "I'll just finish this in the shower so I don't disturb you."

As soon as she entered the bathroom, Stefan began to pull earnestly on the silk neckwear which had him bound. After just a few strenuous tugs, the ties slid easily from around the posts. He looked at them in consternation. There was no way he could have released himself if Sabrina had tied them in knots.

His bride knew him too well. Sabrina knew that he would never have conceded his vulnerability to her by struggling in her presence against the bonds which held him. She had counted on it, in fact.

Stefan was almost amused by her audacity. Following a suspicion, he lifted the camera that lay beside him and looked inside. Just as he thought, there was no film.

His attention turned to the bathroom and Sabrina. She was, he expected, feeling quite triumphant. He rose from the bed and walked softly in her direction.

Perhaps it was time the tables were turned.