Love and Punishment, 3

Dawn was plunged into darkness once Nikolas blindfolded her eyes. If her trust in him were not so absolute, she would have been a little apprehensive. But this was her Nikky. Her Prince. She would put herself in his hands.


He did not answer. Dawn strained to hear anything that might give her a clue about his next move. She heard a tiny *clink* from nearby and rotated her head toward the small table where their tray of desserts sat. Waiting patiently, she lay quiet.

Chocolate. Her nose suddenly detected the mouthwatering aroma of chocolate. "Open up," Nikolas commanded, moving the covered strawberry toward her luscious mouth. He swallowed as he watched Dawn take a small bite and then chew appreciatively.

"Ummmm," she moaned in appreciation of the taste, and as a reminder to Nikolas that she was not powerless even when bound.

He was glad she could not see the smile which graced his face. It would not be suitable for the stern role he played.

As Dawn swallowed the strawberry, her body arched in surprise. A warm trickle of...something fell in a trail across her breasts, and down her torso. Before she could process it, she felt Nikolas' warm tongue as it lapped against her skin. Over and over he licked her, following the same trail as the warm liquid had just before him. "Nikky?"

He heard the question in her voice, and answered her by way of a kiss. Dawn tasted the same rich chocolate she'd just eaten on his tongue. The image of her beautiful husband lapping chocolate from her naked body caused a fluttering in her belly.

"Ahh..." she gasped as he took one of her rigid peaks within his mouth and suckled. Instinctively her arms sought to grab his head.

But she couldn't. Those damn scarves.

Nikolas laughed as she struggled against her bonds. "Remember," he taunted her gently, "you chose hands." He lowered his mouth to the other breast and suckled fiercely.


Dawn's cry of frustration was music to Nikolas' ears. Leisurely, he began his trek down her body, licking and kissing her everywhere. He held his mouth against her trembling stomach, and spent several agonizing moments swirling his tongue within her navel.

To Dawn it seemed that he moved in tiny increments. She writhed upon the bed, ready to scream with wanting. At last he neared her moist center. Only to stop. "Ni- Nikky?" Dawn felt acutely the absence of his mouth from her body. "Why did you stop?"

Nikolas lifted a glass of water from the bedside table and took a large swallow. "Washing the chocolate from my mouth." He leaned close to her ear and growled. "Right now, the only taste I want in my mouth is you."

Returning to his mission, Nikolas parted her trembling thighs. Slowly, he exhaled his warm breath upon her already heated flesh. Dawn's body arched in pleasure.

"Nikky, please!" she begged, wanting an end to the game.

"Ah," he replied, "but your punishment is not over, my love."