Love and Punishment,

Returning to his previous endeavor, Nikolas parted Dawn's sensitive folds and gently thrust his tongue into her heated body. She jerked violently as her young husband tasted her intimately again and again.
"Nikky!" she cried out, attempting to control his actions with her legs. With her hands bound above her and her eyes covered by silk, Dawn was helpless to draw him to her. Nikolas held her thighs firmly and ran his warm tongue repeatedly against her tiny bud. Aroused to the point of overstimulation, Dawn begged brokenly for an end to his sensuous torture.

Her pleas did not go unanswered. Nikolas ceased his attentions to her aroused flesh and pulled away. "Nikky?" Dawn called out as she writhed upon the bed. She was on the brink of release, and her body cried for satisfaction. "Nikky, I need you in me now!" she demanded, struggling against her bonds.

Silence met her demand. Dawn's head twisted wildly from side to side as she tried to ascertain her lover's location. Upon reflection, having Nikolas cease his worship of her body was far worse than experiencing the acute sensations that had beset her.

"You do not get to make demands, my wife." His voice broke the silence. "You are being punished."

Nikolas rose from the bed and moved over to the dresser they shared. He pulled open a drawer and removed a tiny package from a back corner. Moving back to the bed, he continued his casual conversation. "This is the final phase of your punishment. I was assured that it would be effective."

Dawn felt a thrill of pleasure at the note of playful menace in his voice. Her mind raced with the possibilities of what her resourceful husband had planned next. She started slightly as she felt him kneel between her legs. His warm flesh pressed lightly against her inner thighs and kept her legs spread open.


"Shhhh....Or I shall be forced to extend your punishment."

He waited and tested her obedience. When Dawn remained quiet, he nodded in satisfaction. "This," Nikolas said as he flipped the top of the nondescript tube within his hand, "has very interesting properties, I am told." Squeezing a small amount onto his hand, he began to spread it across her flat stomach.

As he rubbed the silky lotion in circular motions across her flesh, Dawn felt a pleasant heat begin to generate wherever Nikolas touched. "The saleswoman referred to this as Motion Lotion, I believe."

He moved his caresses to her firm breasts, paying particular attention to the taut peaks which demanded his care. Dawn moaned as the warmth from his fingers created an equal warmth in her lower belly. She arched her back and tried to rub against any portion of him she could.

"Nikky, please," she begged, "I'm on fire."

"Not yet," he promised. "But you will be."

Nikolas squeezed a dollop of lotion onto his trembling fingers and rubbed it gently just inside her body. She clutched at his fingers in desperation, and he could only close his eyes against the surge of desire he felt.

Taking several deep breaths, Nikolas filled his palm with the substance and gingerly coated his pulsating member. He was already so hard that he thought he would explode. This scenario might have begun as punishment for Dawn, but at the moment he was equally tortured. Indeed, the feel of his erection as it slid back and forth between his fingers was almost overwhelming.

Quickly he positioned himself at the entrance to her body and thrust. Dawn cried out at the unexpectedness of it. "Yessss..." she moaned, grateful for the feel of the hard male appendage which now filled her. "Untie me . . . please."

The only response which came from her thrusting husband was a constant rhythm of groans. Nikolas tried desperately to concentrate on anything else but the exquisite feel of Dawn's body so tightly surrounding him. He pulled back and took the weight of his body on his muscled arms. Now there was no contact with Dawn except at that most intimate of joinings.

Without her arms to hold him close, Dawn's focus was narrowed to the one place they touched. Her nerve endings seemed to vibrate in time to his determined thrusts, each deeper than the last. "Nikky!" the young woman gasped as she felt the heat between them begin to increase. With each sliding motion of his body, the friction grew.

At once, Dawn's cry echoed throughout the suite. Her arms strained helplessly against the silken bonds as she fought her body's contortions.

"Der'mo!" The Russian profanity slipped past Nikolas' lips as he observed Dawn's release. The extended teasing combined with the growing heat of the lotion was too much.

"Dawn. . ."
Frantically he began to drive into Dawn. Nikolas' gutteral moans grew louder as his orgasm became imminent.

"Yes . . .yes . . . yes. . ."
Open-mouthed he panted, and his breathing was harsh and labored. His fingers dug into the mattress beneath them in search of leverage.

"Oh, God, yes!"
The shout was torn from his throat as his body seized. Helpless, Nikolas jerked and strained as his release flooded Dawn within. For a long moment they were frozen in time, each reaching for completion.

When the last spasm had gripped his body, Nikolas withdrew and fell heavily onto his side beside his wife. They lay in silence, waiting as their heartbeats and their breathing returned to normal.

Nikolas untied the scarves, and Dawn rolled onto her side. She placed her hand on Nikolas' chest. "I hate to tell you this, my Prince." A teasing smile graced her weary face. "Your punishment has only convinced me to continue being bad."

"Believe me, my Princess," Nikolas held her hand over his pounding heart, "I was counting on that."