Michael ‘Sonny’ Corinthos came padding softly down the stairs.  His eyes searched the dimly lit condominium for any sign of his houseguest.   A sudden flash of lightning from the passing storm filled the room with a moment’s brightness, and he saw her. 

Assistant District Attorney Dara Jensen stood by the huge glass window taking in the summer storm.  Clad only in Sonny’s still crisp white Armani dress shirt, she was the picture of sensuality. 

“Hey,” Sonny called softly, “I was wondering where you’d gone.” 

The simple statement was filled with meaning.  Nights together were still new for them both.  Only recently had Dara thrown caution to the winds enough to spend the entire night at the home of Port Charles’ biggest crime lord.  There hadn’t been enough time yet for Sonny to learn to trust her absences from his bed. 

“I was enjoying the storm,” Dara explained without turning.  She felt Sonny’s strong arms encompass her.  “There is something...primal about it all.” 

In silence they stood before the darkness.  Through the white linen she wore, Dara could feel the comforting warmth of her lover’s skin.  Sonny wore only a pair of deep green silk pajama bottoms.  Tied loosely at the waist, they rode low on his hips.  The pajamas had been a gift from Dara, a kind of reminder of the moments they shared. 

Not that he needed physical reminders.  Of late Sonny had found himself tossing and turning upstairs in that big lonely bed of his.  Like a lovesick schoolboy, he lay in bed at night and thought of Dara.  Vividly he pictured her beautiful face as it smiled down on him while making love.   

Of late he found himself taking far more cold showers than ever before. 

But moments like the present one made the suffering all negligible.  Sonny tightened his arms about Dara and bent his head to nuzzle her neck.  Instinctively she tilted it to the side and reached back with one hand to bury her fingers in his hair.  “Michael...” she moaned softly. 

He loved the sound of his name upon her lips.   Michael ... Never Sonny.   When Dara spoke his name with such passion, it was the sweetest sound he could ever hear.

Sonny loosened his grip upon her and began to unfasten the four buttons which held the tailored shirt upon her shapely frame.  When Dara moved to assist him, he chided her gently.  No, mi amor.  Permitame.” 

With a tiny smile, the ADA let her arms drop to her sides.  When Sonny had unbuttoned the expensive garment, she allowed him to ease it from her shoulders and toss it aside.  Muy bonita,” he whispered reverently as the raging storm dramatically illuminated her naked form. 

Sonny’s hands slid down Dara’s toned arms to clasp her wrists.  Tenderly he placed them high up against the cold glass window through which the condominium’s residents observed the city.  Just as tenderly he ran his hands back down her arms, pausing momentarily to cup her full breasts within his warm hands.  Sonny’s nimble fingers tweaked the taut nipples in a teasing, torturous gesture. 

“Mmmm...” Dara moaned, letting her head fall back with pleasure.  She could feel the slow build of anticipation deep within her.  Its warmth spread throughout her body like wildfire. 

Behind her, Michael Corinthos tugged at the drawstrings of his silken pajamas.  With a quiet whoosh, the soft material slid down his body to pool at his feet.  Sonny kicked the silky garment aside and closed the distance between his lover and himself. 

The storm seemed to sense their rise in passion.  Thunder rumbled loudly in tandem with almost constant flashes of lightning.  With such a tableau before them, Sonny tenderly buried himself deep within Dara.  His hands lightly gripped her hips as he slowly thrust and withdrew.  He moved with a quiet, lazy rhythm that was in direct counterpoint to the sound and fury all about them. 

Dara, already tender from their earlier lovemaking, tried futilely to find some hold upon the smooth, cool glass surface.  “Michael,” she pleaded, “I need...”  The words died in her throat as Sonny’s nimble fingers reached between her thighs and found the tiny bud that ached for his touch. 

Como esto?” he taunted as his fingers drew circles upon the sensitive flesh. 

“Just...like...that...” Dara panted. 

Serenaded by the sounds of the maelstrom, the two lovers engaged in an ages-old dance; one of give and take, of pleasure and pain.

Dara moaned at the sudden loss of Sonny’s touch until she felt his hand return to its place on her hips.  His fingers dug into her flesh as his rhythm quickened.  Querida,” he moaned, loudly.  Tome todo esto!” 


Sonny cried out as his release came.  Frantically he continued to pump into Dara, who strained to take all he gave.  With a series of deep shudders, Sonny flooded Dara with his warmth.  Her body convulsed about him and silently she rode the waves of orgasm. 

The storm outside raged on as the weary lovers sagged against the cold glass.  Te quiero,” Sonny murmured when he’d caught his breath.  Te quiero.” 

Si,” Dara turned her head and kissed him lightly upon the lips.  Yo tambien.”