Her lover’s initial thrust made her gasp and then chuckle involuntarily.

Not expecting such a reaction, Stefan ceased his possession of her. His brow was creased in confusion as he looked down at the woman so intimately joined to him.

She reached up tenderly and cupped his cheek. “I’m sorry,” she shook her head, “it’s just that you’re so . . . thick . . . today.” A sassy grin brightened her face. “Took me by surprise.”

“Indeed,” Stefan replied, fighting to suppress the smile which threatened to form. “Shall we continue this,” he asked as he began to slowly withdraw, “at another time when I am not quite so, thick, I believe you put it?”

Faith Ward quickly slid her hands down his back, gripped his toned cheeks and put a stop to his playful punishment. “You’d better not stop,” she warned, trying futilely to pull him closer – and deeper.

Stefan gave her a little half-smile that was more menacing than any scowl or frown he might have displayed. “Ah, married but a day and already giving orders,” he observed. “There is a problem with that, however.” He withdrew from her completely. “At this moment, you are not in charge.”

Faith could not contain the disappointed cry that tore from her throat at his withdrawal from her reluctant body. She did not know what aroused her more just then; the friction his engorged organ created as it pulled against her tender flesh, or the authoritative manner in which he took command of the moment.

She did not have time to ponder her choices. Stefan reached beside her head and grabbed a pillow. With a feral smile, he watched Faith watch him. His motions were deliberate as he placed the pillow beside her hips. Never losing eye contact, Stefan then slid a hand beneath her and firmly turned his new bride onto her stomach – and the pillow.

Faith’s eyes widened as the significance of his actions became clear. She felt the heat of his male body cover hers as Stefan pressed her beneath him. His thighs insistently pushed against hers, spreading them further and further apart. With her hips thrust high in the air by the pillow, Faith felt vulnerable, yet intensely aroused by the position and all its promise.

She jumped as Stefan laid a quick stinging slap across her shapely rear. Her fingers dug into the silken sheets out of pure reflex and she buried her face within them in order to muffle her groan of pleasure.

The groan became a small yelp as Faith felt Stefan’s teeth nip the tender flesh at the base of her neck. In a act not unlike that of the untamed beast he reminded her of at that moment, with his teeth Stefan held his new bride immobile even as he roughly claimed her body.

Faith bucked as her husband drove possessively into her. If she had thought him ‘thick’ before, now he seemed impossibly huge. Her body felt stretched beyond its limits as it struggled to accommodate his sudden girth. And all the while, Stefan’s teeth gripped her flesh firmly.

“Stefan!” Faith cried as her body writhed and twisted. The sensations seem to accost her from every side and she was in danger of overload. “Pleeaaase!”

Her plaintive, drawn-out cry for mercy went unheeded as Stefan’s thunderous rhythm continued unbroken. It was as though some basic, primal instinct had been freed within him, and the only mercy would come in release.

“Mine!” Stefan growled as he released his hold on her neck. Already faint bruising could be seen beyond the impression of perfect teeth which marked the surface of her café au lait colored flesh. “Only mine!”

The words seemed to push them both over the edge on which they teetered. Faith loudly accepted all that her new husband frantically strained to give her. Their mutual sounds of pleasure became ever more vocal and soon could be heard reverberating throughout their bridal suite.

With a last hoarse cry, Stefan exploded. His orgasm seemed to seize his very insides. Again and again his hips jerked, flooding Faith with his release.

The warmth triggered Faith’s response, and without prelude, she fell, spiraling, into ecstasy. Her body rose to meet his helpless thrusts, and the clutch of her heated walls only served to prolong his release.

At last their exhausted bodies succumbed, and Stefan lay heavily atop Faith. Their sweat-drenched flesh clung together. Wearily, Stefan pushed up off his now silent bride. His quiescent manhood slid easily from her flesh and he rolled onto his back beside her.

Gently he rolled Faith onto her side and gathered her up against him. They stayed that way until the air became too cool for their sweat-soaked bodies.

Stefan kissed Faith gently on the temple before rising from the bed. Bone-tired, she watched him walk naked into the bathroom. Moments later Faith heard the sound of water filling the large sunken tub. Grateful for his thoughtfulness, she merely smiled as he returned and lifted her from the bed.

In silence, they retreated to enjoy the warm bath. And each other.