"You promised."

"I know I did. But..."

"You said anything, Nikky. And this is what I want." Dawn pouted playfully. She knew that Nikolas could not refuse her like this.

Sighing, he grabbed the offending object and walked slowly toward the bathroom.

"You can pick up the pace," his young wife laughed. "I am not gonna change my mind."

Dawn could hardly sit still there in the middle of their massive bed. She was on the brink of having one of her favorite daydreams come to life. As soon as Nikky stopped stalling for time in the bathroom. "What's taking so long," she yelled his way.

"Alright, alright." The bathroom door began to open.

"And I expect you to show some enthusiasm," Dawn instructed firmly.

Straightening his shoulders, Nikolas Cassadine prepared to make his 'entrance'. He had promised Dawn, and a Cassadine Prince never went back on his word.

Dawn watched wide-eyed as her handsome husband emerged from the bathroom. His bare chest and shoulders were muscled and toned. Nikolas stopped a few steps from the door and posed as she had instructed him. He crossed his arms and stood with his feet spread slightly apart. He felt a moment's embarrassment until he looked into his wife's shining eyes. Vowing to justify the love he saw in the dark pools, Nikolas threw himself into his role.

Striding forward toward Dawn, he lightly tapped the object he held against his right leg. Her attention was drawn from his beautiful face down to his muscular thighs. Showcased in a pair of creamy white jodhpurs, his legs were strong and sturdy. Dawn knew intimately just how muscled those legs were. Her gaze followed the white riding pants all the way down to the black leather boots he wore.

Once more Nikolas tapped the riding whip lightly against his leg. The whistle of the crop drew her attention back to his face, which held a question.

Nodding her head, Dawn held her breath. Slowly Nikolas pivoted so that his back was to her. Dawn took in his broad back and slender waist.

But her eyes were drawn to his firm, exquisite rear end. The material of the riding pants conformed to the tantalizing shape like a second skin.

Moving deliberately away from her, Nikolas walked toward the other object Dawn had already set up for him. There in the middle of their bedroom, on a solid wood stand, was his riding saddle. Its dark, polished leather surface gleamed.

His back still to Dawn, Nikolas lowered himself by degrees onto the saddle. As he bent, the smooth white material stretched taut over his thighs and rear, displaying them clearly.

Dawn felt her breath catch as Nikolas bent into a riding position and began to simulate its motion. Up and down the sinewy muscles of his thighs propelled his body. She could not help but compare it to a similar motion she had often seem him perform. A restless sensation between her thighs reminded her as well.

Nikolas heard his wife's indrawn breath. Aware of the effect he was having on her, he rocked against the smooth leather saddle, inadvertently increasing his own arousal. Purposely he imitated the rhythm they both knew so well.

Abruptly, he stood and turned to Dawn. His eyes, already dark, now seemed black with passion. Nikolas drew the riding crop up along his leg. He dragged it lightly back and forth across his arousal.

Dawn gasped at the blatant sensuality of the act. Rising to her knees, she beckoned him to come to her.

Nikolas smiled a knowing smile and continued with his seduction. The feel of the leather crop was like a small hand constantly brushing against his arousal. Like Dawn's small hands.

Dawn wasn't interested in meeting Nikolas' challenge. Perhaps in other circumstances she would have taken the bait. But at this moment, she just wanted her husband- on her and in her.

She rose from the bed and walked over to where he stood waiting. She removed the riding crop from his hand and dropped it onto the floor. Then she reached out and caressed his arousal through the silky material of his riding pants.

Dawn looked up into his eyes as her fingers undid the button of his pants. So slowly that he thought he would explode, she drew down his zipper. Nikolas' aroused member sprang free of the confining garment. Dawn grasped him greedily in her warm hand and stroked him gently. He closed his eyes in pleasure and thrust once, twice as she held him in her hand.

"Dawn," he whispered brokenly.

She released him and slid her hands into the waistband of his pants, sliding them down over his hips.

"My boots," he reminded her, as the pants slid to his knees.

"Leave 'em on," she responded sensually.

Nikolas stared down at her. Bending slightly he whispered, "Grab my neck."

Dawn smiled faintly and complied. Nikolas lifted her easily and she wrapped her legs around his waist. His strong arms lowered her onto his erect member, and she sighed as she sank down onto him.

Squeezing his neck tightly, she moaned into his ear. "How are we going to get to the bed?"

Nikolas was unconcerned about the riding pants, which had fallen about his knees. "We aren't," he replied and began to thrust. He drove himself completely within her, only to slowly withdraw fully and then begin the action again.

"Nikky!" Dawn squealed in pleasure as his slow, measured strokes gave way to short, rapid thrusts.

Alternating his rhythm, Nikolas closed his eyes and gave himself up to the pleasure of loving his wife.

Dawn buried her face in his shoulder and tried to restrain the scream she felt building in her throat. The angle of his thrusts was generating incredible friction. In desperation, she bit down lightly on his shoulder.

The sharp nip of her teeth on his skin sent a shock of passion through Nikolas, and he began to thrust wildly. "Yes...yes...yes," he groaned with every stroke.

Almost as one, they stiffened in orgasm. Dawn's arms and legs were wrapped in a deathlike grip around her husband, while Nikolas roughly grabbed her rounded cheeks and ground her to him.

They stayed frozen that way until their bodies relaxed. Nikolas, his thighs trembling with the effort, fought to keep them from collapsing to the floor.

Unsteadily, Dawn unwrapped her legs from around him and slid to her feet. Wearily, she leaned against Nikolas, the sweat from their bodies causing their skin to stick like glue.

"Lucky Sheba."