One Snowy Night

"I have no doubt," Stefan shook his head disapprovingly as he walked along the hallway beside Sabrina, "that Andresj' will find his way to young Miss Ward's suite tonight."

"Well, if he does, we'll know it," Sabrina responded, following him into his suite. "If he's anything like his father," she teased, "we'll hear her all the way down here."

"Sabrina!" Stefan could not prevent the laugh that escaped his lips. His ex-wife was incorrigible, and she said whatever came to her mind.

"Oh, don't act like I'm lying, Stefan." She walked toward the large bay window then turned back to him. "You know you can make a woman scream for mercy."

The laughter faded from Stefan's face as memories of intimate times flooded his mind. Seeing Sabrina in his bedroom once more, he could not help the sexual awareness that pervaded his senses.

Sabrina wished she could have prevented the unthinking remark which fell from her lips. She watched in trepidation as Stefan's eyes darkened with passion. Damn! This wasn't what she wanted to happen. She had begun to get over him.

That was the lie she told herself. And it usually worked. But Sabrina knew that she would not be able to lie to herself if Stefan touched her.

'Oh, God, don't let him touch me.'

Stefan watched the internal battle play itself across his ex-wife's beautiful countenance. It did not matter what the outcome of her struggle. In the end, she would submit to him - as he would to her. "Fate has brought us together here, 'Brina." Stefan's voice was low and hypnotic. He dimmed the lights. "Shall we deny ourselves this one night?"

Sabrina tried to tune him out, to deny the words he uttered. But she could not. Wordlessly she moved toward him with outstretched arms.

Stefan gathered her up fiercely to him. His arms crushed Sabrina against him, and he murmured endearments into her dark tresses. For several minutes, they merely held each other. Their trembling bodies sought to grow closer to each other. Soon, even the flimsy barrier of their clothing was too much distance between them.

Hastily, they struggled to remove their clothing. Sabrina, impatient with the many buttons of his shirt grasped it within her two hands and pulled. Stefan did not notice. He was too intent on removing any barrier that kept him from pressing Sabrina's naked body to his.

When all their clothing had been removed, Stefan swept Sabrina up into his arms and placed her gently upon his bed. Grasping his sandy hair, she pulled him down atop her. "Stefan," she sighed as he came to rest upon her.

Their mouths met in a bruising kiss. Their tongues battled and tasted the sweetness of each other's mouth. Sabrina parted her thighs and grabbed his firm cheeks in an effort to hasten his lovemaking.

She felt his lips curve against hers. "No, we shall not hurry," he laughed sensually against her mouth. He broke the kiss to gaze down into her eyes. "Tonight you will scream for mercy."

Sabrina knew that Stefan's words were a vow to her. Damn him for using her own words against her! She wanted to scream from sheer frustration as he lowered himself beside her. Stefan turned her back to him and pulled her against him until they were spooned.

"Look out into the sky," he whispered enticingly into her ear as he directed her gaze to the large bay window. "Tonight the very heavens will play witness to the love we make."

His hand cupped her breast. Idly he rolled her taut nipple within his fingers. "How do I love thee?" Stefan whispered into the darkness. "Let me count the ways."

Sabrina's breath caught brokenly. In the earliest days of their marriage, Stefan would recite poetry to her as they made love. Back then it was a sign that he had opened himself freely to her. Sabrina did not want to think what it meant now.

She gasped as Stefan's wandering hand made it's way between her thighs. His agile fingers dipped into her aching body and found her wet. In the dim light, Sabrina watched as he brought his fingers to his mouth and tasted delicately. A shiver passed through her body at the sexuality of his action. Sabrina could feel the press of his arousal against her thighs. Grinding back against him, she elicited a deep moan from Stefan.

Gently he lifted her thigh and draped it over his. Pulling her more closely against him, he positioned himself at her entrance. With a lazy thrust, he sheathed himself within Sabrina's heated walls. Stefan held her hips immobile and savored the feel of being buried within her.

Sabrina shifted restlessly. Stefan's rigid length throbbed and pulsed within her. "Move, damn you!" she cursed at him. He smiled and began to rock against her, tiny movements that only served to slide his hardened member back and forth in its own sheath.

"Stefan," Sabrina panted, writhing around in an effort to gain satisfaction, "make love to me....NOW!"

His arm wrapped around his ex-wife's waist in an ironclad grip. Stefan began to undulate against her, his strokes deep and sure. Sabrina's leg clutched against his in an effort to pull him completely into her. Her cries grew louder with each driving stroke.

"Faster!" she urged him, to no avail. Though he ached to comply, Stefan clenched his jaw and continued his languorous rhythm.

Sabrina was frantic with need. She panted wildly as she reached behind her to grasp a handful of Stefan's sandy locks. "Move, damn you!"

With a superhuman effort, Stefan stilled the movement of his hips. Thighs trembling, he resisted the urge to thrust until Sabrina released her hold on his hair.

"Stefan," she begged, her voice raspy from pleading. "Stefan, please..."

"You know the words, Sabrina," he growled. "You have only to say them."

The ache between her legs was now unbearable. If she didn't get relief soon... A choking sound escaped her as Stefan thrust once within her. "Have mercy," she cried out loudly. "Please, have mercy."

At her cry, Stefan began thrusting into her with reckless abandon. His brow was pressed against the nape of her neck as he strained to bring them both to completion. Almost immediately, Sabrina's cry echoed throughout the suite.

The delicate spasms of her body clutched at Stefan, and he felt himself fall into the void. With shuddering strokes, he emptied himself into her.

When he had caught his breath, he reached down and pulled the smooth sheet over their weary bodies. Still wrapped in an embrace, they slept.