One Snowy Night, Part 2

“It seems as though everyone has paired off with their favorite ladies," Nikolas smiled. “Perhaps I should follow my father’s and brother's examples."

"You aren't bringing Sheba up into our suite! Let that four-legged walking glue stick stay where she is." Dawn stuck her tongue at him teasingly.

“Now,” Nikolas retorted, scooping his wife up and tossing her over his shoulder, “you have gone too far.”

“Nikky, put me down!” Dawn squirmed in an effort to break free of his hold.

A firm swat from her husband stilled her movements. “Enough, wife,” Nikolas corrected her sternly, and continued to carry her to their suite of rooms.

Reaching their door, Nikolas pushed it open with his foot. He strode over to the bed and dumped Dawn unceremoniously down upon it.

“Hey!” she cried. “What kind of treatment is that?”

“The kind you get when you suggest that Sheba be made into a glue stick.” Nikolas struggled to arrange his handsome features into a frown. “Whatever that is.”

Dawn pursed her lips and made kissing noises. “I’m sorry, Nikky,” she apologized. “Let me make it up to you.” She beckoned him closer to the bed.

“No,” he refused haughtily. “I am going to take a shower.”

“Okay,” Dawn replied. “But you might want to think about what I’m doing in here while you’re pouting in there.” Dawn smiled as his expression became intense. Nikolas spun on his heels and went into the bathroom.

Singing softly to herself, Dawn rose from the bed and walked over to lock the heavy door to their suite. That done, she left a trail of clothing from the door back to their king-sized bed. Naked, she arranged herself atop the covers and waited for her husband’s reaction.

After nearly ten minutes had passed, Dawn grew curious. Quietly she eased from the bed and padded softly to the large bathroom. She could hear the faint sound of running water. Cautiously she peered around the doorway.

The bathroom was empty, except for a small stool placed in the middle of the room. Though it was covered with a plush terry towel, Dawn recognized it as the seat Nikolas used when she trimmed his hair each week.

It seemed to be an obvious invitation to sit. Shrugging her shoulders, Dawn lowered herself onto the small perch. She found herself facing the shower.

Dawn leaned forward in order to peer into the shower. The clear glass was so covered with steam that it was impossible to see anything that might have been within.

She jumped back slightly as high overhead the imprint of a male hand pressed against the glass. Tiny rivulets of water began to race downward, erasing the steam wherever they touched. Soon, the imprint of another hand was seen. It was a strange sight, two disconnected hands suspended in the steam.

As Dawn watched, a hard male chest was pressed against the glass. She could see perfectly the chiseled pectoral muscles and hard male nipples. Her breathing slowed as she savored the beauty of the form before her. She watched anew as tiny streams of water raced down the glass, clearing a path for things to come.

Irrationally, Dawn felt like a voyeur. She knew that it was her husband who stood just beyond the glass panel, but nonetheless...She was incredibly aroused.

She crossed her legs as washboard abs rolled into view against the glass. These were quickly followed by the outline of an magnificently erect male organ trapped between the unyielding glass and a rock-hard stomach.

Dawn felt herself become wet. Beautifully muscled thighs now pressed against the glass. She swallowed convulsively. “Nikky...” she gasped as he began to thrust against the clear divider. As Dawn watched, the hard male organ slid in and out of its sheath. Her breath came in spurts, and she felt as though she could not breathe.

“No!” she cried, when the outline before her was removed from the glass. Even as Dawn rose from the tiny stool, a stream of water splashed against the clear panel, erasing all traces of steam.

All that was left was the sight of Dawn’s beloved as he stood within the shower, stroking himself in wordless invitation. Her gaze fixed on him, Dawn opened the shower door and accepted.