Evening About Town

Okay, that did it. The car was still where he first saw it hours ago. It hadn’t moved since he began his patrol. Something wasn’t right. And if there was anything they drilled into you at Security School, it was to go with your instinct.

There was no reason for such an obviously expensive car to be parked here. Unless it had been stolen and then deserted. But joyriders seldom took so obvious a car. And a car thief would not have left the car in such perfect condition.

Unless....there was a body inside. Oh, my goodness. Two days out of training and he was gonna see his first excitement. The young security guard hesitated. He really should call for backup. But in such a small town, who knew when this opportunity might fall in his lap again.

The young guard walked cautiously toward the shiny new Bentley. A quick flick of the small hand-held lantern he carried showed that the windows were deeply tinted. He’d have to take a look inside. Sure, he was scared. But if the other guys thought he was a coward, they would never let him live it down.

Cautiously, he bent to peer through the window, and was nearly frightened to death when something hard banged against the darkened glass. Stumbling backward, he drew his weapon. He kept the gun trained on the Bentley until he’d reached the safety of the car. Flipping a switch, he flooded the area before him with light. “Alright!” he screamed into the car’s electronic megaphone, “Get out of the car with your hands up!’

Gun shaking, he crouched behind the driver’s door and watched nervously. His training was all forgotten. He did not remember the most basic rule for such a situation - call for backup. As he stared, finger on the trigger of his gun, the back door of the luxury vehicle opened. A pair of exquisitely shaped, caramel colored legs appeared, soon followed by the woman who owned them.

The young guard gaped. She was incredibly beautiful, with smooth caramel skin and long legs. Her shoulder length tresses were in disarray, and she wore nothing but a man’s dress shirt, a pair of black stiletto heels, and a radiant smile. So enraptured was the young guard by the beauty before him, he did not notice her companion as he also exited the vehicle.

“Is there a problem?” The smooth urbane voice jolted his attention away from the woman. A silver haired gentleman wearing only a loosened tie and a pair of unbuttoned dress slacks stood waiting impatiently for his answer.

Relieved that he was dealing with nothing more than some old goat getting frisky with a young chick, the newly hired guard left the security of his car and strolled toward the pair. “I guess you could say there’s a problem,” he replied officiously. “You’ll have to take it to a hotel. You can’t just park here.” Though he addressed his replies to the gentleman, his eyes remained on the scantily clad woman.

“Oh, but I can.” Upon seeing the young man’s confused expression, the silver haired gentleman continued, “I can park here. This is my property.”

The guard smirked. “Oh, yeah?” His attention was now fully focused on the man before him. He was just a little too smug. It would be a pleasure knocking him down a peg. “You got any proof?”

“You see the name on the building right over there?” The older man pointed toward the huge new edifice that was in the midst of being constructed. “Now compare it to the name on my license plate.” His voice was icy as he added, “Or your paycheck.”

The young officer looked quickly over at the building and then down at the rear of the new Bentley. Desperately he tried to explain. “I had no way of knowing it was you, sir,” he stammered. “I just started work this week, and...”

“Adam,” the woman finally spoke, “he was just doing his job. Let him go.” She gave him a smile full of promise. “Besides, we have more important things to take care of.”

As the young guard gaped in admiration, the woman grabbed the silk tie and pulled Adam Chandler back into the Bentley. The door closed with a resounding thud.

Inside the car....
“Now,” Sabrina said, unzipping Adam’s slacks and sliding her hand within to grasp his hardening member, “where were we?”