Willpower, Part 2

"I'll bet you that I can make you surrender before I do," she challenged him, a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

"You're on," Michael uttered, accepting Sabrina's challenge. "State your terms."

"It's simple," she shrugged. "Once we get started, you don't move."

Michael searched her face. He had learned the hard way that Sabrina was very creative when it came to using words. They were how she made a living. She was good at it.

Sabrina laughed. She knew what he was thinking. "There is no catch this time," she reassured him. "I don't need one."

Intrigued and extremely confident, Michael nodded his acceptance of the deal. Sabrina sat up beside her fiancÚ and fairly beamed with joy. "I'm going to enjoy this," she said. "We start now."

Sabrina took Michael's hand and with an elaborate show, placed it palm upward on the pillow beside his head. She leaned over, taking care to brush her breasts against his solid chest, and grasped his other hand. Sabrina arranged it also on the pillow beside his head.

Rising to her knees, Sabrina threw back the thin sheet that covered them. With a flourish, she took one knee and used it to nudge Michael's muscular thighs apart, much as he had done earlier.

"You truly wish to try again, Sabryn?" Michael asked with a smug grin.

"Oh, no," she shook her head, "I have something else in mind for you."

That said, she rose from the bed and walked over to the dresser. Michael watched as she pulled open a drawer and brought forth a silken scarf. She was completely at ease with her nudity as she moved around the room displaying the graceful line of her physique. His genitals began to stir.

Sabrina returned to the bed, her hips gently swaying. "I'll bet you don't know that I didn't always want to be a lawyer," she began conversationally. "I was actually pre-med for a year." She dangled the scarf over him. "Let me show you what I learned."

"The human body consists of many wonderful things." Slowly Sabrina dragged the scarf over the foot closest to her. "Skin... and bone..." She pulled it lightly along his thigh. "Blood..." she wrapped it teasingly around his erect member, "and muscle." Michael closed his eyes as Sabrina pulled the cool silk across the sensitive flesh. She was enjoying herself. He could tell from the impish smile she wore. His lover was a maddening combination of little girl innocence and womanly delights.

"Ahhh," she sighed, "but what ties this magnificent creation together is an endless highway of 'sensors', if you will. Nerve endings." The scarf fell into a pool on his chest as Sabrina climbed onto the bed and straddled his thighs. She lowered her face to his, and he could feel her breath warm his mouth. "Thousands of nerve endings," she smiled sensually, "and I know where they are."

For the first time in their wager, Michael felt a moment's hesitation. How much of Sabrina's boast was bluff? He did not have to wait long for an answer as Sabrina pressed her body to his, trapping his erection between them. Eyes closed, she rocked against him. A sound almost like a purr of satisfaction escaped from her lips.

This, Sabrina thought as she ground against him, this was for her. There would be no opportunity for weakness later on. Not if she was to prove her point.

Sliding up Michael's body, she whispered in his ear. "Let's start here." Her warm, wet tongue followed the curve of his ear. Gently she took the lobe within her mouth and sucked. Carefully she nibbled on the delicate flesh before moving to that spot behind his ear. The spot that always made him moan. "Or here."

Michael choked down the moan that threatened to escape as Sabrina assaulted his weakness. Between the sensation of her warm tongue behind his ear, and her warm body pressed against his erection, he was having trouble concentrating.

Sabrina's mouth blazed a path of feather-light kisses along his cheekbone to his mouth. Michael watched entranced as her tongue darted out and traced the outline of his lips. He clenched his teeth to keep from opening his mouth to hers. Her breath was warm on his face, and her breasts brushed his chest with every moment.

"There's here," she pointed out, kissing his eyes shut, " and here." She slid further up his body to place butterfly kisses along his brow. It was no coincidence, Michael groaned, that her new position left him poised at the entrance to her moist center.

With great effort, Sabrina bit back the smile which threatened to appear on her face. Michael's brow was furrowed in concentration, and his hands were tight fists pressed against the pillow. Pulling back from him, Sabrina sat up and slid her wetness along his rigid length. The intimate contact was torture for Michael, who throbbed mercilessly. "You can end this anytime," Sabrina taunted.

Michael stared at her, his dark eyes unreadable.

"In that case, then, we'll move on." Sabrina reached behind her head and removed the small clip that held her hair in place. She shook it free and leaned over to kiss Michael's throat. The dark tresses fell around her face like a veil.

His fingers itched to bury themselves within her hair, to wrap it around his fingers and pull her mouth to his. Especially now, while she sucked and nipped so expertly against his throat. Michael could not pretend to be unaffected by her actions. Sabrina conveyed her awareness of his excitement by lapping delicately against the pulse which jumped at the base of his neck.

Her exploration of his body was leisurely and unhurried. Before each new assault upon his body, Sabrina would pause and catch her fiancÚ's eyes. This time was no different. "Here," she smiled before lowering her mouth to his nipple and gripping it lightly between her teeth. Delicately she ran the tip of her tongue back and forth over the male flesh. The slight contact was agonizing. Why didn't she give him some relief, Michael cursed silently, waiting to feel the suction of her mouth against him.

It was not to be. With her hair brushing his chest, Sabrina moved to the other nipple and began her assault anew. She did not relent. Michael received a moment's reprieve when she moved to place kisses upon his breastbone.

This change in positions brought with it a new temptation. His arousal, no longer trapped by the press of her body against his, nestled firmly between Sabrina's full breasts. Aware of his shift in attention, she wantonly cupped her breasts within her hands and pressed them together. The warm, smooth flesh enveloped his rigid member. And when Sabrina initiated the subtle movement of her chest, Michael could only close his eyes against the sight of his rock-hard member gliding smoothly back and forth between her two soft mounds.

"Well," she drawled, "since we're already here..." She gripped him in her warm hands and began to stroke him expertly. Sabrina watched as a tiny pearl of moisture formed at the tip of his erection. Never breaking her languorous rhythm, she smoothed it across the sensitive flesh with her thumb.

Sabrina looked at Michael, who lay with his eyes squeezed shut. She could feeling the straining muscles of his legs as he fought to keep them in place. "We could stay here," she said. Michael could feel the warmth of her breath as it moved across the head of his erection.

"But we won't." His eyes flew open in surprise. Sabrina smiled evilly at him and began to lower her head. Since he could not lift his head from the pillow, Michael could no longer see Sabrina, or prepare himself for her actions. He was not prepared for the tiny nip she made along the inside of his thigh. His muscles flinched. "Ah-ah-ah," she chided, as she moved to the other thigh and repeated her action.

Michael was now covered with sweat from the effort to restrain his movements. After their exhausting romp form earlier, his muscles ached from effort, and his stomach trembled with fatigue.

"Now, this is the spot," Sabrina informed her weary lover.

Momentarily distracted by his body's complaints, Michael missed Sabrina's warning of a new assault. Too late the feel of her hand around him drew his attention back to her. With a firm grip resting just beneath the ridged head of his member, Sabrina scraped her teeth lightly across a spot near its base. Michael could not stop his body's reflexive convulsion. His hips jerked upward, and his hands flew down from the pillow to clutch the sheets beneath him.

Over and over, Sabrina assaulted the tiny area. Michael ached for an orgasm that would not come. With each subsequent contact by Sabrina, the pressure continued to build until he could stand it no more. "Abbastanza, Sabryn," he uttered through gritted teeth. "Abbastanza."(Enough)

Her grip still firm around him, Sabrina moved quickly up and straddled Michael once more. Without ceremony she sank down onto his rigid member. She had long been ready for him, but Sabrina still took a moment to savor the sensation of being completely filled by him. His hot flesh stretched her and she could only moan in pleasure.

Michael's fingers grasped Sabrina's hips and guided her to the rhythm he desired. He felt incredibly hard, and he sensed that his release was imminent. With a hoarse shout, he erupted. As the sensations washed over him he rapidly pumped into Sabrina.

But there was no relief. Michael's erection was still painfully hard, and he began to thrust anew, short rapid-fire strokes that jolted her over and over. Uttering a piercing cry, Sabrina orgasmed.

With profound relief, Michael soon followed. His release flooded Sabrina with warmth. Spent, Michael's hands fell limply from her hips. Sabrina sat slumped atop him, their bodies still intimately linked.

"How did we get into this?" she sighed wearily.

Michael gave a short bark of laughter. "I said you didn't have enough willpower to pass up dessert."