*Grigori - Cassadine Cousin



        Grigori’s mind raced as he tried to gauge Stefan’s expression.  Unfortunately, the older man’s face revealed absolutely no clue as to his frame of mind.  Grigori winced with the effort of thinking.  He was not yet recovered from his hangover of the previous night.

“I can explain, Uncle.”

Stefan crossed his arms and gave the young man his undivided attention.  “I am most anxious to hear your explanations – for both disobeying my instructions and subsequently attempting to mislead me about it.”

That did not sound too promising, Grigori thought.  He shifted uncomfortably in his chair.  He should have known that it would somehow end up this way.  Nikolas had warned him against ditching the opera and Andresj’, his normal partner in crime, had surprisingly seconded his older brother’s advice.

“Well, you see…”  Grigori could not afford to fail to soften Stefan’s obvious anger.  He had come to enjoy the benefits of Stefan’s favor.  Grigori was included in many of Nikolas’ and Andresj’ daily activities and treated quite generously by Stefan himself.

He also could not afford to incur Stefan’s disfavor.  Archaic as it might sound, his parents’ status among the family had risen substantially because of Grigori’s close daily proximity to the Cassadine Regent and his sons.

“It was wrong of me, Uncle.”

Stefan was hard-pressed not to smile.  Grigori had chosen the one approach Stefan would never have guessed – the truth.  Over years of being caught in some mischief or indiscretion, Grigori had not once attempted to tell the truth.  Instead, the young rascal had put forth one incredible tale after another; some so fantastic that Stefan knew the young man did not believe them himself.

“Both Nikolas and Andresj’ did try to dissuade me,” Grigori insisted earnestly.

For several long, uncomfortable minutes, Grigori endured Stefan’s silent scrutiny.  “That you have chosen to tell me the truth regarding this matter is an admirable and, I believe, unique experience for you.  Nonetheless, you will be taken back to your home for a period of one month, during which time you will reflect upon your actions and their consequences.”

He continued.  “Your parents will of course be informed.”

Grigori listened to the words in shock.  This was a far more severe punishment than anything Stefan had ever handed down.  The young man’s back began to tingle.  There would be hell to pay when Grigori’s father found out.