It was hard to tell which was louder: the echo of Alexis’ words just before she strode from the penthouse, or the heavy silence that reigned in the aftermath of the attorney’s departure. 

Sonny and Carly stood motionless in a frozen tableau.  Carly’s mind raced to find the words that would repair the damage Alexis had done.  Silently she tried out and discarded explanation after explanation. 


The whispered overture went unanswered.  In a move that came perhaps too late, Carly heeded the tiny voice in the back of her mind and fell silent once more. 

Michael Corinthos rose slowly from his chair.  Everything around him was shrouded in a filmy white haze and he felt as though he moved in slow motion.  Over and over the scene with Alexis replayed in his mind.  One time he could hear her words pronounce his child’s death sentence, the next there was no sound, only the despondent caress of her hand upon her stomach. 

An unwelcome buzz grew louder in his ear.  ‘I have Carly to thank…I have Carly to thank…’ 

“Why, Carly?” 

Though she had longed for Sonny to break his silence, Carly was least prepared to deal with his quiet query. 

“I love you, Sonny,” she said. 

“That’s not the damned question!” Sonny screamed. He put his fist through the decorative mirror against the wall.  Glass shards and drops of blood showered down onto the carpeted floor.  “I asked you ‘why’?” 

Carly gaped at the sight of Sonny’s mangled fist.  Blood flowed freely from the wounded flesh and fell into a pool at his feet.  “Sonny, you’re hurt.  Let me help you.” 

Pure hatred shone from Michael Corinthos’ dark eyes.  Carly froze, pinned by the intensity of his gaze.  “Were you so jealous of a little baby?  Huh?!” The frightened woman jumped.  “Were you so jealous of Alexis cause she was having my baby?” 

“It wasn’t like that, Sonny!”  Carly tried desperately to spin a tale.  “I thought that if Alexis could see that you and I were together in this, she wouldn’t try to keep you from being a part of the baby’s life!” 

“You did it for me.”  Sonny nodded slowly.  “Tell me, Carly, where did the deal you made come in?”  He reminded her, “You said…’We had a deal’.” 

As Carly opened her mouth to reply, Sonny’s soft warning stopped her.  “Careful what you say, Carly.  Even though Alexis has no love for me at this time, I do believe she will tell me the truth of this.” 

Carly realized that she was trapped by her own words.  “I told her if she refused to share custody of the baby with you, I would help keep you away.”  Realizing all was lost, the young woman used her only trump card.  “Sonny, I did it for Michael.  He loves you and you were going to leave him!” 

Her weak attempt to manipulate him through his feelings for Michael was the last straw for Sonny.  Something inside him snapped and he lunged blindly for Carly. 


“Get the hell out!” he screamed. Spittle flecked his chin as he half-carried, half-dragged the crying woman to the door of the penthouse.  “Get out, or so help me I will kill you!” 

The shocked guard watched uncertainly as the boss threw his wife - crying- out the door.  The door slammed shut and the young woman just lay there sobbing deeply.  Within the penthouse could be heard the sounds of destruction and breaking glass. 

“Mr. Morgan,” the frightened guard whispered into his cell phone, “you need to come to the penthouse.”