Go Away, Little Girl


He supposed she must have had a fight with her boyfriend. She continued to prattle up close to his ear, well aware of the sullen looks being cast their way.

As long as lover boy didn't act like an ass, he really didn't care that she was using him.

It should have been obvious to her boyfriend that he didn't care about her at all. The bored look as he endured her childish flirting should have spoken volumes.

The young woman slid closer in the booth and leaned into him. With her mouth inches away from his ear, she uttered some line designed to be witty and provocative. When he did not respond she slipped her hand beneath the table and let it rest on his muscled thigh.

Tired of the entire charade, he gave the young woman a tight little smile and also slipped his hand beneath the table. Without breaking eye contact, he grasped her wrist and placed it upon the substantial bulge within his pants.

She drew back her hand as if scalded. Or, she tried to.

Effortlessly he gripped her wrist and held it in place. "You know what?" he finally spoke as he forced her hand to travel the magnificent length of his manhood, "You couldn't handle all this." He freed her wrist and allowed her to pull away. "You're not woman enough."

Giovanni's eyes were icy. "Go back to your little boy," he said menacingly.

Though she tried to escape gracefully, Gia Campbell nearly stumbled in her haste to escape.

"What's the matter with her?" Sabrina asked as she returned from the ladies room.

Giovanni simply shrugged. "I dunno," he replied.  "You wanna dance?"