Little Angel

Andresj’ looked down at the tiny bundle he cradled in his arms.  Long dark lashes rested starkly against skin hued like the lightest of milk chocolate. The lights in the room were subdued, as though to help ease the little one into its new home.  A hushed quiet cloaked the room. 

“Hello, little one,” Andresj’ whispered, his voice hoarse with emotion. 

He stared at the baby and his mind was flooded with both memories and possibilities.   Images of its smiling mother whirled and danced through his thoughts like a fluttering butterfly, touching down here and there, but never staying still for very long.    

For many long minutes he sat there, gently rocking the little angel in his arms. 

“Mr. Cassadine . . . ” the nurse intruded quietly, reaching out for the bundle he held.  “It is time.  I’ve already broken the rules for you.” 

Andresj’ looked up at the young woman before him.  “And I am grateful.”  He tightened his arms about the little one and lifted her so that her ear was to his lips.  In Russian he whispered something that the nurse strained to hear, but could not. 

“Thank you,” Andresj’ murmured, handing the baby to the nurse.  He took a long last look at her and gently stroked a lock of  hair from the tiny forehead. 


So lost in thought was he that Andresj’ found himself standing just outside her door before he even realized it.  His heart contracted as he peered inside and saw her resting in the hospital bed.  In sleep, her face was just a more mature version of her daughter’s.  The beautiful mocha skin was a shade darker, but in every other way they were the same. 

As he watched her sleep, she opened her eyes and looked directly at him.  Andresj’ hesitated before stepping into the room.  He walked up to her bedside and sat down on the edge of the bed.  “Sh-”  He was forced to clear his throat and begin again.  “She is beautiful.” 

The quietly spoken words broke through the haze in which she dwelled.  “Did you see her?”, Keesha asked quickly.  “She is perfect, isn’t she?” 

“Yes.  She is.” 

Keesha leaned back against the pillows.  A tender smile graced as her face and her eyes grew misty.  “Ten perfect little fingers, and ten perfect little toes.  And a head full of hair.”  Her voice grew softer.  “My perfect little angel.” 

“What did you name her?” Andresj’ prompted Keesha when she seemed lost in thought. 

“Jae,” she smiled, even as the tears began to course down her face.  “After her father.”  Keesha began to sob.  “He never even got to see her.” 

‘Dre’s face hardened at the thought of the man whose lifestyle had brought about this whole tragedy.  He knew that he should feel some sympathy for Jason Morgan.  After all, he had lost his life in the Mob hit that had sent Keesha into early labor. 

But all he could think about was Keesha . . . And Jae. 

“I know,” he said, squeezing Keesha’s hands within his as he tried to comfort her.  “I know.”  She looked at Andresj’ through tear-filled eyes.  “That is why I went for him.” 

Keesha’s breath caught at Andresj’s kindness and generosity.  Despite the way she had broken his heart, he was still there for her.  The realization made her heartache worse. 

“I held her,” Andresj’ recounted tenderly, “and I kissed her, and I told her her daddy loved her.” 

“Oh, God, ‘Dre!”  Keesha burst into fresh tears.   

Wordlessly, Andresj’ opened his arms and gathered her up.  He held Keesha and let her mourn the husband and baby that she had just lost.