Necessary Evil



        “I am surprised that you came,” Andresj’ observed quietly.  “I did not think that Zander would allow it.”

The mention of her lover’s name made Emily flush with shame.  The way that she had hurt Andresj’ in her rush to protect Zander Smith was cruel to say the least.  And something that Andresj’ had not deserved.

“You would never hurt me,” Emily insisted.  The words ‘even though I deserve it’ hung unspoken in the air between them.

Andresj’ could not totally prevent the hardening of his expression.  “Yes, well…”  He stepped back from Emily.

The young woman felt an infinite sadness at the action.  Emily had enjoyed a close friendship with the younger Cassadine son almost from the moment of introduction.  Andresj’s unfailing friendship had helped carry her through several rough patches that Emily had despaired of even surviving.

Andresj’ looked over his left shoulder.  The launch from Wyndemere was in the process of pulling up.  A burly guard bearing a leather briefcase stepped firmly onto the dock.  “I realized as I awaited your arrival,” Andresj’ said, “that the ideal of future contact between us does not appeal to me.” 

He opened the briefcase and removed a thick sheaf of stapled papers.  “Please have your attorney look these over.  The sooner you return them signed to me, the sooner our marriage – such as it was – will be dissolved.”  Andresj’ thrust the papers Emily’s way.  “You will understand why I have chosen not to supplement your lover’s income by supplying alimony.”

The cutting remark was the first bitterness that Andresj had revealed to her.  Emily did not take offense, but instead felt a renewed sense of guilt and shame at her behavior to the kind-hearted man standing before her.

“I don’t need to give them to the lawyer,” Emily cried impulsively.  “I trust you.”

Andresj’ sighed.  “Emily-” 

“No, ‘Dre,” she insisted, reaching awkwardly for the papers.  “I will sign them now.  Would you hold Alex for a moment?” 

Emily had seen the wistful glances toward the baby that Andresj’ could not conceal.  He truly loved her son.  It was a love that Emily believed did not change even when Andresj’ was confronted with the truth of the little boy’s paternity.  This would be an opportunity for Andresj’ to bring closure to their relationship.

“Certainly.”  Andresj’s voice was so soft, Emily thought, as though volume would reveal all the pain he certainly must be feeling.

She moved quickly to a nearby bench and placed the papers on her knee.  Every few seconds she looked toward the spot where Andresj’ stood holding Alex.  He was totally engrossed in the little one, and had not moved a inch since accepting him.

Emily realized that separation would only be more difficult for Andresj’ the longer she delayed.  She ceased her nervous checking and instead flipped through the seemingly endless sheaf of papers, signing wherever she spotted an ‘x’.

“There!” she announced with relief.  “It’s done.”

“Yes, it is.”  Andresj’ signaled to the guards.  As one they formed a human blockade between Emily and the place where ‘Dre stood with the infant.

As soon as Emily saw their movements, realization struck.  Crying, she dropped the sheaf of papers and attempted to forcibly make her way through the barrier of unyielding Russian muscle.  What are you doing!?”

Andresj’ was not moved by her desperation.  This young woman, who he had loved unreservedly, was now nothing more than another stranger.  “You chose to take my innocence,” he coldly regarded Emily, “now I have chosen to take yours.”  He gently shifted the baby to his shoulder.  “Come, my son…”

“You can’t do this!” Emily screamed, still trying to fight her way through the guards.  “I’ll call the police!”

“Go ahead,” Andresj’ smiled bitterly.  “Alex is legally mine.  Though you deceived me about his paternity, you placed my name on the birth certificate.  I have returned the favor by having you sign over your parental rights.”

Emily’s head whipped around in search of the divorce papers she had dropped in the shock of the moment.  They were nowhere to be seen.

“My guards have already retrieved them,” Andresj’ informed her.  He turned and began descending the steps to the waiting launch.

“Zander!!!”  Emily’s frantic cry echoed off the water.

“Do not bother,” Andresj’ paused in his departure to tell Emily.  “Your lover will not be coming to anyone’s aid.”