Only Mine



“It is a glorious day!”

Sabrina spun around dramatically, her arms spread wide.  She performed several jaunty dance steps as she made her way down the gloomy halls of Wyndemere.

“Careful, Sister.”  Coming seemingly from thin air, Stavros’ gruff voice startled Sabrina and she gasped in fright.  “Your exuberance is far too noticeable.  And quite unlike your normal morning persona.”

Sabrina slumped against the cold stones and watched her older half-brother materialize from a shadowy corner.  Prince Stavros Nikolai Mikkosovich Cassadine strode briskly from the shadows and smiled coldly at her.  Sabrina’s heart, which had just begun to recover from the fright of unexpectedly hearing his voice, now began to thump anew.  She was cautious of Stavros in the best of times.  And those times when his face wore what he considered a smile were the most dangerous of all.

“You should really be more careful, Sabrina,” he murmured low and intense.  “Someone might get suspicious of your good mood this particular day.”

“Why?  I actually do have good moods.”  Sabrina nodded toward the cruel smile that curved his sensual lips.  You are the one bound to arouse suspicions.  Everyone knows that a smile on your face is a precursor to danger.”

Stavros smiled broadly at the observation.  “How well you think you know me, Sister dear.”

Something about the intonation of the words sent a chill racing down Sabrina’s spine.   Contrary to what many believed about the Prince, Stavros never spoke just to hear himself talk.  “What does that mean?”

The smiling Prince merely took his half-sister by the arm and began to escort her down the hallway.  Sabrina dug her heels in, stopping their progress abruptly.   “What does that mean?” she asked almost desperately.  “What have you done???”

Stavros shrugged.   “Exactly what you asked of me, Little One!  I have removed Nikolas and Andresj’ from the equation.  Your path to Stefan’s heart is now clear of obstacles.”

Sabrina felt her knees begin to weaken.  “I meant for you to send them somewhere abroad for a few weeks,” she gasped weakly.  “Dear god, Stavros, tell me you know that is what I meant!”

“Oh, dear,” Stavros replied, patently false.  “Was it?”