Dawn watched the comprehension spread across her husband’s face. His eyes darkened with passion and his breathing hastened.

“I think,” Nikolas growled, “that I will cancel all my business appointments for the day.” He reached for Dawn.

“No,” she stopped him in his tracks. “Today will be business as usual.” Dawn nearly laughed aloud at the disbelief upon her husband’s face. “My ‘favor’ isn’t over yet.”

A suspicious Nikolas frowned at her tone. When Dawn addressed him with that little lilt in her voice, it usually led to mischief. “I have allowed you to embellish me with your body paints,” he said. “What more could there be?”

“Nothing really.” Dawn bit her lip to stifle amusement at how formal and staid he sounded. “I just want you to wear it underneath your clothes today.”

A slight flush stained his neck as he realized the full scope of her plans for him. Nikolas knew that he would be aware of her adornment all throughout the day; particularly the series of tattoos she had painstakingly adorned his groin with. “What?! Never!”

“Are you going back on your word, Nikolas Cassadine?” Dawn placed her hands upon her hips. “You promised that you would do whatever I asked.”

“Within reason,” he insisted. “Do you realize how . . . unseemly it would be for my advisors to see me wearing body paint?”

Dawn threw her hands into the air. “I wish you would stop saying it like that! It is a perfectly normal thing! And beside,” she added sarcastically, “I can’t think of any reason that your advisors would ever know that you were wearing body paint beneath your clothes … Unless there is something going on in those meetings that you haven’t told me about.”

“Dawn…” Nikolas knew that his attempt to plead his cause was lost. He hated when she used his words against him. He had made a promise to her, and though it galled him to admit it, there was no reason that he could not honor it.

“Very well,” he conceded grudgingly, “I will do it.”