Say Uncle



Jimmy Lee rose slowly from his haunches.  Dara grudgingly admired the lazy grace of his actions.  She was reminded of a big golden cat rising after an afternoon of lying in the sun.

“I sure am sorry to hear that, sweetheart.”

Dara bristled.  Had someone somehow gotten to Jimmy Lee before she and Justus had?  “Sorry to hear what?” she carefully probed.

“That a woman as fine as you has a husband.  And he happens to be my nephew to boot.”

Of all the responses the suntanned man could have given, Dara was least prepared for that one.  Like a fish, her mouth gaped open as she processed his words.

Jimmy Lee’s slow satisfied grin made Dara extremely uncomfortable.  Or more accurately, her own response to his smile troubled her.  For just a split second the wife of Justus Ward was taken by just how handsome a man Jimmy Lee Holt was.

“Mr. Holt-”

“Call me Jimmy Lee, sweetheart.  And I’ll call you…?”

Dara tapped her foot in irritation.  The action only served to draw the infuriating man’s attention down to the stylish pair of pumps she wore.

Her anger grew as Jimmy Lee’s intense gaze traveled agonizingly slowly from her face down to her feet.  Dara could not have felt more exposed if she’d been naked before him.  “Mr. Holt,” she bit out.

“Just a moment,” he chided her as he moved closer.  “I am taking time to enjoy the landscape.”

Dara whirled and stalked angrily back to the limousine.  She needed to gather herself before attempting to speak to her husband’s uncle once more.

Her footsteps faltered as Jimmy Lee’s amused voice reached her ears.  “Hot damn.  And I didn’t think the view could get any better.”

Genuine laughter echoed through the open air as Jimmy Lee watched Dara slip into the big limousine and slam the heavy door behind her.  He was not misled into believing that the lady had given up.  No, as soon as she mastered her temper, he suspected that she would return to try and state her business with him.

Jimmy Lee looked forward to it.