Matt’s eyes darted back to Doctor Ellen Burgess.  His attention, which had been focused solely upon her face, now took in all the little details that should have sounded alarm bells in his head.

Ellen’s normally flawless coif was tousled and her lipstick smeared.  Her feet were bare of shoes and her legs equally bare of the silky hose Matt had cast an admiring glance at earlier.  Ellen was definitely a woman in the midst of something.

“You had better go, Doctor Harmon.”  Ellen’s voice held a hint of concern.  She knew that Matt was a determined man who did not always accept limitations – of any sort.  Overcoming his disability had made such determination second nature.

She had been watching Matt the moment Alan arrogantly dismissed him from their presence.  The young doctor’s face had instantly become set in a stubborn expression that signaled his determination to defy expectations.

“I don’t-”

Alan shut the door firmly in Matt’s face.  The older man did not care that the gesture was exceedingly impolite.  He’d had enough of his young protégé’s interruption of the evening.

“That was rude, Alan!” 

“Probably.”  Alan did not attempt to excuse his behavior.  “But right not I’ve got more pressing matters on my mind than Matt Harmon’s bruised ego.  Or his frustrated libido.”

Ellen Burgess tilted her head to one side and considered the very married colleague with whom she was having a torrid affair.  Doctor Alan Quartermaine was probably the last man that anyone would ever expect the outwardly straight-laced Doctor Burgess to secretly be involved with.  But, like Ellen, there were some very surprising aspects to Alan Quartermaine’s personality that most people did not know.

“Aren’t you even concerned about who Matt might tell about seeing us together?” she asked.

Alan grasped Ellen’s hand and led her back to a spot on the plush carpet just before the fireplace.  “He cares too much about you to tell anyone,” Alan asserted.  He pulled Ellen down atop him.  “And if he did, so what?  I have been caught cheating before…”