Special Treat



‘I wonder if Nikolas would like me in these?’

The words made him sit up in shock. For weeks now he had tried to ascertain whether Carlotta Jensen’s youngest daughter had even noticed his existence. The scrap of paper in his hand said that Dawn had not only noticed, but she had taken as much of an interest in Nikolas as he had in her.

A pleased smile spread across his handsome face. Nikolas did not mind admitting to himself that he was unsure when it came to the opposite sex. His experiences with women had been less than satisfying. He had not seen Emily Quartermaine as more than a friend until she became involved with Juan Santiago, and by then it was too late. Robyn Scorpio, already in a committed relationship, had let him down gently as soon as she became aware of his growing crush on her. And Katherine Bell.. . Well, Katherine had used him. Sardonically, Nikolas admitted that he had gotten quite a bit of sexual intercourse out of the deal. Katherine had shown a lot of talent in that area.

Shaking the disturbing thoughts of Katherine Bell from his head, Nikolas turned his attention back to the magazine ad. He examined the stylish shoe with its spiky metal heel. The model’s leg was shapely, but Nikolas had no doubt that Dawn would manage to put the unseen woman to shame.

Unbidden, an image of Dawn wearing the sensual footwear appeared in his mind’s eye. As Nikolas’ gaze moved upward from her feet, he encountered only smooth tawny skin. Dawn stood naked before him, legs, slightly spread, a welcoming smile upon her face.


The sound of Stefan’s voice jolted Nikolas from his lascivious thoughts. “Father!” A deep red flush stained his neck and cheeks.

Stefan frowned and wondered just what had caused his son’s reaction. He glanced quickly around Carlotta Jensen’s office complex, but saw nothing that would explain Nikolas’ discomfort. “My business here is complete,” the older man said, still watching his son closely. “We may go.”

“Of course,” Nikolas quickly agreed. “Let us go.” He squared his shoulders and preceded his father from the room. As he moved toward the elevators, he clutched the magazine containing the picture and the tiny scrap of paper.