Carly scowled playfully. "Since that's probably the most I'm gonna get out of you, I guess I will have to be satisfied." Her attempt to lighten the mobster's mood was unsuccessful. Carly sighed. "I am going to go and secretly check out the bartender. Will you be here when I get back?" she teased.

Sonny glared at his wife. "It depends on how long you're gone," he replied, only half joking.

"In that case, I won't be long." Carly slipped into the crowd. Almost immediately Sonny lost sight of Carly and the short black little off-the-shoulder dress she wore.

He did not know why he had let Carly talk him into attending the grand re-opening. As he had pointed out to her, no one was aware that Carly was the new owner. Nor were they aware that money from Sonny's many questionable business ventures had paid for his wife's newest 'hobby'.

Unlike his wife, Michael Corinthos knew that there would have been more than a few people present tonight who would not otherwise have set foot in an establishment owned by him. Sonny's record for fatal accidents in his vicinity was not a good one.

Sonny's gaze drifted back to the entrance. Standing there were two people he knew would not have ventured within a hundred miles of the club had they known he was there. From the darkened corner in which he sat, Sonny watched Marcus Taggert extend a hand to his date and lead her into the club.

The normally uptight detective was clad in a pair of creamy light brown leather pants that accentuated his well-muscled form. A soft burgundy colored v-neck pullover completed his outfit and helped the tall, handsome man to draw hungry glances from the majority of women in the place.

Under normal circumstances their interest in his most hated enemy would have amused Sonny. But his sole attention - and his gaze - was reserved for the vision of beauty at Marcus Taggert's side. From the crown of her stylishly coiffed head to the soles of her Prada shod feet, Assistant District Attorney Dara Jensen was the most beautiful thing Michael Corinthos had ever laid eyes upon.

An irrational sense of jealousy assailed the mob boss. He had no right to claim her, but still, the sight of Dara in the company of Marcus Taggert was like acid to his soul. If he was truly honest with himself, Sonny thought, he would just admit that he would have been jealous no matter the man.

"See now," his wife's unwelcome voice sounded from beside him, "that wasn't so bad. And just to show my appreciation," Carly leaned down and kissed Sonny upon the left temple, "we can go home."

Sonny Corinthos shook his head. "That's alright. I changed my mind." His eyes never left their previous target. "We're gonna stay awhile."