Soft, supple lips pressed so lightly against his own that Jason had to concentrate just to feel them. The whisper of silky strands of hair moved across his chest, teasing him with her nearness.

A ragged breath, shakily exhaled, warmed his flat stomach. Jason could feel his muscles contract as though she'd actually stroked his flesh. He struggled against the restraints that held him in place.

All he wanted was to hold her to him, to end the torturous game that she continued to play.

Jason's moaned in shock as nimble fingers brushed against his throbbing arousal. His body arched above the bed and whatever protest he had begun to utter was trapped within his throat.

Like a madman he began to struggle against whatever kept him bound. Breathless, he finally sat up and opened his eyes. His chest heaved and his body ached with unrelieved passion.

"Damn!" he cursed and fell back onto the bed. This was the sixth night in a row that the unknown woman haunted his dreams. More than that, she controlled his body - and his thoughts.

'Who the hell was she?'

Jason racked his brain for answers. Though her features were never revealed during his erotic dreams, his body and heart both recognized her instinctively. It was only his troubled mind that could not make the connection.

And it drove him crazy.

Frustrated, Jason stared at the ceiling. He willed himself not to concentrate on his body's aroused state, and by extension, the mysterious woman whose very existence kept him in such a state.

To no avail. Sighing, he wrapped his fingers gingerly around his erect member and began to stroke. His eyes fluttered shut, and he made love in his mind to the faceless woman of his dreams.