It's Official !

"Standing up," Ellen Burgess said.

"Standing up against the wall," Sabrina DeLane chimed in, her eyebrows wiggling mischievously.

Faith Ward gave a delicate snort. "Standing up against the shower wall."

"Bending over."

The three women looked in shock at Dara Jensen. Normally the most straight-laced of the group, her answer definitely left them gaping.

"You go, girl!' Sabrina crowed, when she finally regained her power of speech. "Ladies, I do believe our friend has finally done it."

Dara frowned, both from confusion and from mild embarrassment that she had allowed such personal information to slip from her tongue. "Congratulations," Faith Ward laughed. "You have officially joined the Sisterhood of Nasty Women."

"Flash your card with pride," Ellen drolly teased. Dara just gaped at the other women. As long as she lived, she would never cease to be amazed at their boldness. Nor would she cease to be grateful for their friendship.

And she wasn't the only one grateful for their influence in her life. Dara smiled as she thought of her lover's face that morning as he had awakened to the sight and feel of her astride him.

Oh, yeah. She definitely wasn't the only one grateful.