Lesson 5

The Hera rocked gently back and forth as the waters off Port Charles lapped at its sides. Armed sentries scanned a horizon that was quiet and still.

Deep within the bowels of the luxuriously appointed yacht, Helena Cassadine eyed her latest protege. Clad in a diaphanous gown of spun silk, she moved gracefully about the room. Her every movement was designed to entice. Each step flashed an expanse of pale skin and surprisingly taut flesh.

Intense, dark eyes followed her movements hungrily. Justus Ward lay reclined upon the enormous bed, his head propped up by pillows. Other than the constant tracking of his eyes, his body was still.

With a predatory glance, Helena savored her young lover's body. His tall, well-built frame sported muscles and bulges in all the appropriate places, she thought.

Justus felt her glance like a living thing move over his body. Anticipation of pleasures to come flooded his mind, and his quiescent manhood reacted quickly. Against the dark silk pajama pants it strained toward freedom. With a painful constant throb it ached for her touch.

The older woman smiled knowingly. Justus was handsomely endowed, and quite eager to learn.

"Pay attention," she intoned as she approached the bed and sank down beside him. "Lesson five." Catlike, she lowered herself fully onto his muscled body. Her breasts pressed against his hard chest and she could feel the rigid length of him return the pressure. "One must always take the time to enjoy one's every action."

Before she could lower her mouth to his, Justus flipped them over and pinned Helena to the bed. His large hands held hers in place and he smiled roguishly at her. "I always pay attention." Justus settled himself between her thighs and began to rock gently back and forth. "Lesson one. Always be in charge."