Teach Me

Something was not right.

She scanned the horizon, willing her senses to detect just what was out of place in her universe. When no further premonitions beset her, she shrugged and moved deeper into the comfort of her dwelling place.

Helena stopped at the door of her bedroom and eyed the intruder silently. He lay sprawled indolently against the pillows of her king-sized bed. Upon her sudden appearance, he gave a lazy smile. ‘What beautiful teeth he has,’ Helena thought whimsically.

“Mr. Ward,” she addressed her visitor, “to what do I owe the honor of your presence in my boudoir?”

“What do men normally want from you when they attend your boudoir?” Justus lounged comfortably upon the bed. He seemed completely at home there, and gave no indication of moving. Helena felt like a visitor in her own bedroom. It was an unusual sensation for her to feel not in charge.

“I have no time for word games, Mr. Ward. Speak or leave."

Justus rose smoothly from the bed. "Is that anyway to address a guest?" he asked, moving closer to Helena.

She had to admire the confident gait. It was an athlete's gait, the gait of a man in control of his body.

Justus stopped just before her and watched as Helena examined him from head to toe. She took in the handsome, dark face whose eyes watched her with such intensity that she nearly shivered. It had been awhile since a man had looked at her with such fire. A man not on her payroll, that is. "Am I to believe that you are propositioning me physically?" Helena did not mince words.

"I believe that there are a great many things you can teach me," Justus murmured. "The bedroom is just one part of it."

"Suppose I were to tell you that I do not find you attractive?"

"I would call you a liar." His eyes challenged her to deny the attraction arcing between them. "But if you need some incentive to make love to me," Justus smiled sarcastically, "just pretend I'm Stefan."

Helena straightened up at the audacity of his words. Unbidden, a smile graced her face. 'Justus Ward does not fear me,' she thought, genuinely surprised. 'He should. He will.'