Variations on a Theme



Darkness had fallen, and all around Port Charles stores were bustling with last minute business.  Absent-minded lovers hastened to choose suitable Valentine’s Day gifts from among the meager pickings.  One out of every three customers exiting stores in town did so with either a balloon, a stuffed animal, a box of chocolates, or some combination of the three.

Not everyone was about town, though.  All across Port Charles people were settled in for the night, either disdainful of the commercialism of the Valentine’s Day holiday or secure in the knowledge that for them the holiday would present its gifts soon.

The local radio station personnel changed shift and the hyper, chattering personality of the young evening DJ was replaced by a smoky-voiced, mellow gentleman whose calm demeanor on the airwaves was always a listener favorite.  His first act, after settling in for the evening, was to change the mood established by his predecessor.

“Alright, it’s grownup time now.  Time for all the kids to go to bed.”  His words were a playful reference to the teenage crowd that faithfully listened to the pounding rap music spun by the enthusiastic DJ on the air right before his shift. 

“It seems you and I will be spending this evening together,” the disc jockey growled, his voice suggestive and intimate.  “Let’s start it off with a little Anita Baker.”

With all my heart I love you baby

Stay with me and you will see

My arms will hold you baby

Never leave, 'cause I believe

I'm in love, Sweet love

Hear me calling out your name

I feel no shame

I'm in love, Sweet love

Don't you ever go away

It'll always be this way...