"Will you stop trying to find loopholes, sweetheart?" Faith laughed, a musical sound that never failed to warm him. "I will bow to your wishes this time."

Stefan reached into the inner pocket of his suit coat and brought forth a small cellular phone. With his forefinger he began punching in a series of numbers.

"Who are you calling?" Faith was curious about his actions.

"Your brother. Perhaps he can assist me in determining just who this strange woman is that stands before me."

Faith made a face at him. "And people say you have no sense of humor." She rose from the loveseat with the grace of a sinewy cat. Moving to his side, she grasped the phone from his hand, shut it off, and placed it on the table nearby. With a secretive smile, she wrapped her arms about his neck.

Stefan recognized the gesture. Faith was now planning to play dirty.

"Oh, yes," she breathed against his mouth, confirming his suspicions, "I plan to do whatever I can to make you change you mind."

Stefan crushed her warm body against his. "You are certainly very welcome to try."