Whisper in the Dark

The last rays of sunlight streamed through the bay window of Stefan Cassadine's bedroom suite. He sat on the covered bench underneath the window and read the latest Cassadine financial reports.

His wife Carlotta sat curled up in a small armchair and watched him lovingly. The small wire-framed glasses he wore made him look so studious, so serious. It was a look the world expected of him. She above all others knew that he was so much more.

Shortly, Carlotta observed, there would not be enough sun for Stefan to see, and he would rise and flood the room with light, destroying the intimate atmosphere they enjoyed.

She felt her heart swell with love. After all these years of marriage, they were still happiest when together. Like now. Even across the room, she could feel an attraction as powerful today as it had ever been between them.

Quietly Carlotta rose and padded across the plush carpet to the elaborate sound system in the far wall. She flipped quickly through a collection of cds until she found what she was looking for. Stefan, who had put down his papers as soon as she'd moved, watched her serenely.

Carlotta turned to him with a smile on her face. She knew him. His attention was always on her, no matter what else he did.

As Stefan moved to join her, she gestured for him to remain sitting. The first song of the cd she had cued began to play. Surprisingly, it wasn't a slow, romantic ballad as he'd expected. Intrigued, he listened to the lyrics the artist so skillfully began to sing.

Come closer now
So I can see you in the dark

Stefan's eyes began to darken. Carlotta stood across the room from him, a tiny sensual smile gracing her beautiful features. Eyes locked with his, she began to unbutton the soft blouse she wore.

I want to hold your body next to mine.
I want to hurry love and take my time.

Carrie watched the emotions play across her husband's face. His gaze narrowed until she knew that nothing existed for him beside her.

Hold on to me
And let me feel you in my arms

Stefan gazed with wonder upon the beauty before him. Carlotta’s sensuous body was revealed to him bit by tantalizing bit as she teasingly removed her clothing. He watched as she bit her lip and beckoned him closer.

Touch me and slowly steal my breath away
Then tell me things that no one else would say

Taking a page from her book, Stefan shook his head. His fingers moved to the buttons of his shirt and he began to undress. His gaze held Carlotta motionless. As his muscular chest and flat abdomen were revealed, she was forced to concentrate just to remain breathing. Hungrily, her eyes followed the trail of wispy hairs that traveled downward from his navel.

And I want to feel your heart here every night
And I long to hear your voice say it's alright
To know you

Stefan stood magnificently naked before her. The planes and edges of his toned body were like living sculpture, a work of art. To Carlotta’s eyes, he was perfection- from the emerald orbs that burned her with the strength of his desire to the straining arousal that created a restless sensation within her.

She shut her eyes against the sheer beauty of him.

So you
Whisper in the dark
Start the rhythm that I know
Touch me with a spark
And as we join together love
I'll never let you go, Never let you go

Gently, Stefan lowered his wife to the floor. His lips brushed hers as he vowed, “You are mine forever.”

Song Credit: Whisper in the Dark – Dionne Warwick.