The raucous cheers of the standing room only crowd were just as loud as they had been at the close of the show ten minutes earlier.  Dawn enjoyed the joyful accolades of her fans.  Perhaps she did not experience the thrill she did four years ago, but the applause still moved her.

“Miss Jensen?”  The stage manager approached.  “There is someone who wants to speak with you.”

Dawn pasted on a bright smile.  After every show the stage manager invariably knocked on her door and ushered in a smiling, awestruck fan.  “Of course,” Dawn said graciously, “send them in.”

“Hello, Dawn.”

“Nikky?”  The name came out as a strangled squeak.  It had been over a year since Dawn had heard Nikolas’ voice.  The young woman could not remember when they’d last stood face to face.

Nikolas Cassadine stepped forward and enfolded Dawn in a friendly embrace.  “You are looking well.”

“So are you,” Dawn replied.  “Not that I am not glad to see you, but is something wrong?  Are you here because something has happened back in Port Charles?”

“Everyone in Port Charles is fine.  I came here to Paris because I wanted an opportunity to end this awkwardness that has been between us for far too long.”

Dawn tried to smother the flicker of hope that sprang to life at Nikolas’ words.  “Really? I-”

That’s as far as she got.  Her dressing room door opened and Nikolas’ half-brother Lorenzo stepped inside uninvited.  “Lucas told me that you were here.”  Lucky ignored the angry set of Dawn’s face.  His gaze never wavered from his brother’s face.  

Nikolas, Dawn, Lucky

Nikolas acknowledged Lucky with a slight nod of his head.  “Lucky, good.  I had planned to speak with you before I left.  This will save me the time.”  Nikolas turned back to Dawn.  “I am to be married in a month.  I did not want you to hear the news from someone else.”


“Yes,” Nikolas nodded, “to Gia Campbell.  I hope that you will arrange your schedule to attend.”

Dawn was numb with shock and disappointment.  “You came to the most romantic city in the world to invite me to your wedding to another woman?”

Nikolas smiled sadly.  Dawn’s question summed up all the reasons they had never been able to make their relationship work.  She had actually dared ask Nikolas that question with Lucky standing protectively at her side.

“I hope,” Nikolas repeated, “that you will choose to attend.  My brother Andresj’ will, of course, stand at my side.”  His gaze slid over to Lucky.  “You are also welcome to attend, Lucky.  You needn’t worry about feeling out of place,” Nikolas told his half-brother pointedly.  “There will be quite a few other casual acquaintances beside you in attendance.”

~Three Days Later~