Dara Jensen knew the exact moment that he made hs way across the crowded room to stand directly behind her.  “Hello, Michael.”

Sonny, Dara

Michael “Sonny” Corinthos released a low chuckle.  “I see that our connection is just as strong as ever.”

His oh-so familiar raspy tone hit Dara like a punch to the solar plexus.  She had schooled herself to look unblinkingly into her ex-lover’s hypnotic dark orbs.  She had steeled herself to ignore the subtle scent of his signature cologne.  But all her preparations had not made her immune to his voice – that teasing, suggestive voice that could, in the heat of passion, make the crudest promises of things to come sound like sweet endearments.

“You’re looking at the past through those tinted lenses you are so fond of.”  Dara turned and faced her past.

“You can deny it all you want, Counselor,” Sonny drawled arrogantly, “but your body is saying something different.”  The Mob boss looked pointedly at Dara’s breasts and the two hardened peaks whose outlines were suddenly so visible against the sleek material of her designer gown.

Dara refused to give Sonny the satisfaction of seeing her shift uncomfortably.  “So you say, Michael.”

Sonny slipped his hands into his pants pockets and widened his stance.  “You don’t have to be embarrassed.”  He looked down at his crotch.  “My body has something of its own to say.”

Too late Dara halted her automatic glance.  She did not need to see the triumph in Sonny’s eyes to know it was there.  “Maybe,” Dara said acidly, “you should save this conversation for your wife.  You know, Carly?”

“Carly and I are divorced.  Justus filed the paperwork a few weeks ago.  It was pretty simple,” Sonny continued when Dara did not comment.

“I am sorry.”

“Don’t be.  My divorce from Carly is part of a clean start for me.”  Sonny met and held Dara’s gaze.  He wanted to gauge her reaction to his next words.  “I am handing the territory over to Jason.”

Dara was left speechless.  Despite Sonny’s claims to the contrary, she had never believed him when he vowed one day to leave the life of organized crime.  “I don’t understand,” she managed to say.  “If you are getting out of the life, why did you divorce Carly?”

Sonny eased as close to Dara as he could get without drawing undue attention.  “I am making a clean start,” he reminded her.  “I want my new life to include the woman I love, the woman I’ve always loved.”  Sonny’s eyes burned with intensity.  “That woman sure as hell ain’t Carly.”

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