Attorney Evangeline Williamson took a seat and waited while her companion saw to their bags.  The Llanview airport kept up a steady flow of passengers.  After the bustle of the weekend, however, the relative quiet was a welcome thing.

What an experience!  Evangeline shook her head in disbelief.  Over her relatively short career she had attended many official functions and had mingled with the upper crust of the highest legal and political circles.  But nothing in her reality had prepared her to deal with what she’d seen in Port Charles, New York, over the past weekend.


The bemused smile was wiped from her face.  Evangeline slowly turned her head to the right.  “Hello, John.”  Detective John McBain was the last person she had expected to encounter at the airport.  And, frankly, he was the last person she’d hoped to run into at all.

John’s gaze raked rapidly over her.  “Coming or going?” he asked.

“Coming back,” Evangeline replied evenly.  “A friend invited me to his cousin’s wedding in Port Charles this weekend.”

“That supermodel who married the Prince.”  John’s eyes never left Evangeline’s face.  “Yeah, Nora mentioned something about that.”  There was a moment of awkward silence.  “Are you waiting on your luggage?” John asked.  “I could go get that for you.  You’ve probably got a bunch,” he tried to lighten the moment.

“No, thank you.  It’s already taken care of.”   Evangeline nodded behind him.

John glanced back over his shoulder.  A handsome man with startling green eyes and skin the color of café-au-lait stood patiently waiting with several suitcases in hand.  “Oh.  Excuse me,” he apologized. 

“No problem.”  The handsome stranger gently placed the bags down and came around to the other side of Evangeline’s seat.

Evangeline was too tired of it all to be amused by the jealousy simmering in John’s dark eyes.  “John McBain, this is Warrick Brown.  Warrick’s a criminalist with the Las Vegas Crime Lab.”  She waited until the two men shook hands.  “It was nice seeing you, John.  But I’m a bit tired from the trip.  So, if you’ll excuse us?”

John, Evangeline, Warrick

“Of course,” John replied through gritted teeth.

Evangeline felt his gaze bore a hole through her back as she headed toward the entrance of the airport with Warrick at her side.  “I’m sorry I didn’t call us a cab,” she apologized.  “I was…distracted.”

“We don’t need one.”  Warrick shook his head.  He gestured at the sleek, black limousine that idled alongside the curb.  “I’ll give you three guesses at who arranged this.  And the first two don’t count.”

Gratefully, Evangeline allowed the chauffeur to assist her into the limousine.  As soon as Warrick slid in beside her, the car’s telephone rang.

“Hello?”  Warrick answered warily.

“I trust that everything is satisfactory?”

“Yes, thank you.  But you didn’t need to go to the trouble.”

“It was no trouble,” Stefan replied.  “It is what family does, Kostya.”