~ flashback ~

“Now, tell me again,” Nikolas laughed and wiped the buttercream from his mouth, “exactly what it is that we are celebrating here today.  Our,” he did a quick calculation in his head, “one hundred seventh day as a married couple?”

Gia elbowed him in the stomach.  “Don’t make fun of me.”  She took another bite of creamy petit four.  “Beside, would it be so terrible if that was the reason I did all this?”  Gia indicated the room with a lazy flourish of her hand.  Much to the dismay of the staff she had refused to allow them to adorn the room.  She had, instead, seen to each detail by hand.  Gia had painstakingly draped most of the bedroom’s surfaces with sheer white gauze. She had carefully placed votives about the room to illuminate the bedroom with soft light that gave it a dreamy atmosphere.

Nikolas smiled tenderly.  “I think that a hundred seven days of marriage is a perfect reason for a celebration.”  He could not resist teasing his wife.  “I am not certain anyone else would appreciate such an occasion, though.”

“That’s okay.”  Gia’s sudden grin made her look like a mischievous little girl.  “What matters is that they have to pretend they do.  That’s my favorite perk about being the Princess Cassadine, by the way.”

Nikolas rolled over and trapped Gia’s nude body beneath his own.  “Oh, really?  Your favorite perk?”

The telephone’s insistent ring interrupted the couple’s passionate kiss.  “It has to be an emergency,” Nikolas apologized.  “No one would dare disturb us otherwise.”

Though she was disappointed, Gia acknowledged the truth of her husband’s words.  She watched as Nikolas’ relaxed form grew more tense with each word of the conversation he held.  “Nikolas?  What is it?  What’s happened?”

“I have got to go.”

~end flashback~

It was amazing that tears falling onto a sheet of paper could sound so loud.

The thought immediately made her shake her head.  If anyone else had uttered something so melodramatic, she would have been the first in line to mock them.  The only excuse she could give was that this time the tears were her own.

Gia dashed away the salty moisture that clouded her vision.  Like some kind of glutton for punishment, she raised the newspaper to her eyes once more.  Newlywed Prince Rushes to Side of True Love.

An intense pain assaulted her and took her breath away.  The sharp, vivid picture of her husband Nikolas wrapped in the embrace of his former lover Dawn Jensen was on the cover of the trashy rag for all the world to see.

Gia never felt more alone than she did at that moment.  A small voice quickly reminded her that she was Nikolas’ wife.  Princess Gia Campbell Cassadine.  And Cassadines remained married until death.

Her moment of bravado evaporated in the next breath.  She loved Nikolas too much to keep him tied to her if his heart longed to be somewhere else.  

~ All the Way Across the Atlantic Ocean ~


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