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A very select number of people have the opportunity to opulence in its purest form.  Even less get the chance to enjoy it.  That particular fact kept running through Keesha Ward’s mind as she marveled at the interior of the brand new Cessna in which she flew.  She had been inside condominiums that were less sparsely furnished – and less luxuriously appointed.  Every available surface was either pristine white or gleaming silver.  From the plush leather seats to the shiny trim, it all looked as though it had just come off the showroom floor.

Keesha glanced over at the unbroken expanse of ocean just visible in the window across from her.  She and Jasper Jacks were halfway back from an impromptu trip to visit his mother in Australia.  It was Keesha’s first time meeting Lady Jane.  The two women had gotten along well.

“Mum sends her love,” Jax announced, hanging up the phone.  “She likes you.  Just like I said she would.”

“I like her too, Jax.”  Keesha frowned at him.  “You know… your mother is nothing like the scary person you made her out to be.”

Jax flashed her a brilliant smile.  “That’s because she likes you.”

“Then I’d better make sure that doesn’t change.” 

Keesha turned and pretended to study the view through the window.  She hoped Jax hadn’t picked up on her statement.  It was the first time she had voiced aloud her desire to see their relationship become something more than friendship.  There were times she thought Jax had feelings for her as well, but just as quickly she realized that she could simply have misread the handsome man’s generous, affectionate nature.  In conversations with Jax’s mother, Lady Jane had gently reminded Keesha several times of his impetuousness where relationships were concerned.

“Penny for your thoughts,” he offered.

“I was thinking about relationships,” Keesha responded truthfully.

“Any one in particular?” Jax asked.  “Nikolas and Gia, perhaps?”

Keesha shook her head.  “I wasn’t thinking about them specifically,” she hedged, “but they are a good example.  I mean, how is someone ever sure about the person they pick?  It is hard enough focusing on a future with someone without having to keep an eye open for something from their past.”

Jax reached out and enfolded her hands in his.  “I guess you just take things one day at a time.  You talk – honestly – and you have some faith that you’ll be there for each other.”

“Is that what you did with Brenda?”

Jax didn’t bat an eye at the mention of the woman everyone referred to as ‘the love of his life’.  “Yes, it was.  And just,” he hastened to add, “because it didn’t work out with Brenda doesn’t mean I was wrong.  It just means she wasn’t the right one.”

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