“You certainly are miserable for someone who's gotten what she said she wanted.” Doctor Ellen Burgess grimaced. “Must you do that? It's just so unappetizing.”

Attorney Dara Jensen – formerly Corinthos – rolled her eyes at her cousin. “I have been putting strawberry jelly in my scrambled eggs since we were little, Ellen.”

“And it's been disgusting since then.”


The two women sat in Ellen's kitchen and shared breakfast in silence. “Well?” After a while Ellen broke the silence. “You didn't answer my question.”

Dara sighed. “Because you didn't ask one. What you did was offer an opinion.”

“Was it an incorrect opinion?”


Dara was slow to expand on her response. She deliberately chewed her scrambled eggs and looked around Ellen's kitchen as though she had never been there before. “Your new microwave blends nicely with the counters,” Dara offered. It was a stalling tactic, one she knew Ellen was not fooled by.

“Yes, it does,” Ellen agreed. “Kevin spotted it when he went to buy some more wine glasses to replace the ones we broke last week.”

Dara winced. Two days after Michael withdrew his divorce petition, she had filed her own. The divorce was granted later that same day, thanks to her mentor Sebastian Stark. Upon hearing the news from Dara, Faith and Sabrina had descended on her hotel room and proceeded to virtually drag her over to Kevin's place where Ellen was waiting with a seemingly endless supply of assorted liquors. Things had gotten a bit out of hand. “You did tell Kevin we were so sorry, didn't you?”

Ellen wriggled her brows suggestively. “Trust me, Dara. Kevin was very properly appeased.”

“Too much info!”

“Hey!” Ellen objected. “There is nothing wrong with loving your man and not being ashamed to say so.”

Dara pushed her breakfast plate away. “And we're back to me.”

“Yep. We're going to keep coming back to you,” Ellen informed her cousin, “until you really talk to me.”

“Fine, Ellen. I. Am. Miserable . Is that what you wanted to hear?” Dara was immediately ashamed of her angry outburst. “I'm sorry.” Her voice grew soft. “Yes, I am miserable. But I didn't have any other choice. Michael lied to me.”

Ellen leaned back in her chair. She folded her arms across her chest and gave her young cousin a hard stare. “I believe,” Ellen said quietly, “that you are angry with Sonny for his lie. But I also think a lot of your anger is about just how much truth his lie contained.”

“That's ridiculous.” Dara grabbed her plate. With stiff, angry swipes she emptied the half-eaten contents into the garbage disposal. “It's ridiculous and makes no sense. Something is either a lie or it isn't.”

“You know, Dara, Sonny didn't say anything to you that I haven't thought a few times. You've been keeping one foot outside the door, waiting for something to happen that would take that hard decision out of your hands.” Ellen shrugged. “Sonny's lie did that. Backed you into a corner and made you come out fighting for your relationship.”

Dara stopped loading the dishwasher. “What are you saying, Ellen? I should forgive Michael?”

“I'm saying… you should decide what's important to you. And you'd better do it soon.”