Jason Morgan strode into the coffeehouse he co-owned with mob boss Michael ‘Sonny' Corinthos. The blue-eyed hit man headed for Sonny's office only to be stopped short by bodyguard Max Giambatti. “Sorry, Jason. You can't go in there.” Max planted himself firmly in front of the door.

“Max, get out of the way.”

“Sorry. I can't let you go in there.” Max lowered his voice to a whisper. “Mrs. C stopped by to talk to the Boss.” The big bodyguard made the statement as though it explained everything.

Jason was not accustomed to explaining his comings and goings to the men who worked beneath him. The other guards understood the organization's chain of command. All except Max, apparently. “I know that Dara is here, Max. Sonny told that to me when he called me and told me to come over.”

“Oh! Why didn't you say so?”

Jason rubbed his face with a forefinger. It was a sure sign to anyone who knew him that he was vexed.

Upon spying the gesture, Max quickly opened the office door. Sonny and Dara stood just inside the doorway. The mob boss' hand was pressed possessively against the small of the lovely lawyer's back. “Jason.” Sonny acknowledged his friend's presence. “Is everything alright? I sent for you ten minutes ago.” Jason had been right next door at the adjacent pier, inspecting an incoming shipment.

“That's my fault, Boss,” Max said. “I wouldn't let him disturb you and Mrs. C in case, you know, you guys were trying to work things out.”

Dara couldn't help but smile at the big guard's hopeful expression. “Yes, Max,” she nodded. “We were in the office trying to work things out.”


“We're getting married again,” Sonny supplied. “So,” he turned to Jason, “I need you to play best man one last time.”

The hit man simply nodded his agreement. “Where are you getting married?”

Sonny nodded toward Dara. “Dara's Ward House office. Judge Poulson's gonna do the honors.”

Jason frowned. “Poulson?” The judge had a very well publicized lack of love for Sonny, Jason or anyone associated with their ‘coffee business'.

“He's gonna do it for Dara,” Sonny explained. “And I'm glad.” He saw Jason's skeptical expression. “This is gonna be my last wedding. I want to make sure it's legally binding.”

“Mrs. C, are the ladies on their way?” Max leaned in to ask Dara.

“No. Ellen's on call at General,” Dara said. “Sabrina's in Maryland observing Ben Carson in surgery. And Faith is in Philadelphia.” Dara exchanged a glance with Jason. In two days it would be Justus' birthday. Faith had taken Stefan to Philadelphia to remember her little brother and visit the places there that Justus had loved as a young boy.

“Then I'll do it,” Max announced. “I'll be your maid of honor.” He glared around the room as if daring anyone to laugh. “Not maid, exactly. But you know what I mean, Mrs. C.”

Dara smiled at the guard. “I know exactly what you mean, Max. And it would be my honor to have you be my best person.”

“Then it's settled.” Max headed for the front door of the coffeehouse. “I'll go get the car.”

Sonny signaled for Jason to follow the other guard. “We'll be out in a minute.” Sonny pulled Dara close. “I love you, Counselor. You're mine forever. You always have been. Our beginning…those divorce papers… nothing ever changed that.”

Dara bit her lip softly. “I know. I never stopped loving you either. Michael-”

An impatient horn broke the moment. “I'm gonna fuckin' kill Max,” Sonny growled.

“Concentrate on more important things.” Dara laughed and smoothed Sonny's furrowed brow. “Like this wedding. And me.”

Sonny grabbed her hand and pulled Dara toward the door. “You're right, Counselor. The sooner we say ‘I do' again, the sooner I get to unwrap your wedding gift all over again.”

Her racy lingerie, Dara thought, placing a protective hand over her abdomen, wouldn't be Michael's only gift that night.

The End

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