Limbs entwined, the two spent lovers lay on the bed and fought to breathe normally. Their most recent bout of lovemaking had been furious and intense – even more so than usual. And that was saying a lot, the woman thought. There was just something about making love here that added an almost primal nature to the act. Perhaps it was the fact that she did not come here often – or casually. Or perhaps it was the fact that this was his domain, a fact he never failed to remind her in the most sensual of ways.

Perhaps, she thought, picturing the room perfectly through closed eyes, it was the very masculine décor of the place. Each piece of furniture was simple, but sturdy. She blushed at the thought of just how well she knew the sturdiness of his furnishings. At one time or other, he'd had her bent over most of the flat surfaces in the place. Her body quickly shook off the jolt of renewed desire her thoughts created. It had not quite recovered from the current session of intimacy.

With supreme effort, Dara Jensen rolled her head to the right. Her lover, Michael Corinthos Jr., lay beside her with a somber expression on his face. That concerned the beautiful attorney. She had seen various expressions on Michael's face during their intimate moments. Worry had never been one of them.

“Michael?” Dara rolled over and propped her chin on his dampened chest. “What's wrong?” She paused. “Is it business?”

“No,” he replied shortly. “I would never let my business come into our time together.” He shifted to face her. “That's already too short as it is.”

“We won't always be that way.” Michael had made his dissatisfaction quite clear about her reluctance to publicly acknowledge their relationship. Dara reached out and stroked his face. Her fingers lingered on the unshaven stubble that covered his chin. With vivid clarity her body recalled the feel of that same roughness against her inner thighs. “I promise.” Dara forced her thoughts back to the conversation at hand.

To Dara's surprise, Sonny moved away from her touch. He sat on the side of the bed, his back to her. “Michael, you're scaring me. What is it?”

“I think,” Sonny whispered, “that you and I should walk away from one another…tonight.”