Bloodlines - Cast of Characters, Part 3

Diane Jennings

Diane Jennings - Beautiful stranger who captures the attention of both Stefan Cassadine and Justus Ward.

Alyse Dumonde

Alyse Dumonde - Best friend of Diane Jennings, she reaches out from the grave to reveal secrets and uncover truths.

Edward Quartermaine

Edward Quartermaine - Wealthy scion of the Quartermaine family, he likes to have his finger in everything of consequence. He is the grandfather of AJ, Ned, Jason, Emily, and Justus Ward.

Emily Quartermaine

Emily Quartermaine - Adopted daughter of Doctors Alan and Monica Quartermaine, she is often the bridge between the many factions of the family. She has her eye on Andresj' Cassadine.

AJ Quartermaine

AJ Quartermaine - Father of Michael Morgan, he is a recovering alcoholic. His earlier battles with Michael's mother have presented him with the greatest challenges to his life and sobriety.

Tommy Hardy

Tommy Hardy - Son of Tom and Simone Hardy, his biggest battles are against the memory of his father's desertion and the demons of his youth.

Julian Luna

Julian Luna - Cousin of Stefan Cassadine, he has his eye upon control of the Cassadine fortune. Resentful of the fact that he was not born with the Cassadine name, he has nonetheless carved out a very successful niche in affluent circles.

Rachel Locke

Doctor Rachel Locke - Psychiatrist, she has made a startling difference in young Tommy Hardy. Talented, but troubled, the beautiful doctor continues to impart her very questionable treatment to patients like Tommy.