The Bed You Make

“There exists in life an inescapable,
and sometimes harsh, truth…
You must lie upon the bed you make.”

Tonight's appearance at the Outback would break the news of her marriage to Stefan Cassadine to everyone at once. It would spare Dara the repeated scenario of informing someone and having them react in horror.

Still it was not something that she looked forward to. Already Dara could picture the reactions of people like Marcus Taggert and Mac Scorpio. These were friends who would not be discreet in the voicing of their opinions on her marriage to Stefan. And things would only be worse if Alex chose to share his shocking news with both Mac and Marcus before Dara could.

The new bride briefly closed her eyes and sighed. It had to be done, though.

Dara's mind raced with thoughts of just which new designer dress she would wear for that night's performance. She was not scheduled to perform as she sometimes did at the Outback. But tonight would be a command performance for Dara nonetheless. Just because Judge Cho had officially ruled in her favor as Cassadine trustee, it was too early in the game for Dara to abandon the ruse they had so carefully constructed.

She pushed open the heavy door to her suite of rooms. The enormous bouquets of fresh cut flowers that normally filled the anteroom were no longer there. There was an empty feel to the room that gave Dara a moment's pause. Cautiously she continued on to the bedroom.

It felt like déjà vu all over again. All her things were gone. The huge suite was completely devoid of anything but well-polished antique furniture. The enormous walk-in closets did not even contain hangers.

Dara stalked over to the antique dresser and pulled out a drawer. She stared at the empty drawer with a growing sense of apprehension in the pit of her stomach. If her things were no longer in that suite, then there was only one other place they could be.

Her new husband's bedroom.