The Bed You Make
Chapter 16

~ How Ya Like Me Now? ~


Stefan Cassadine stared in disbelief as his invited guest reached out and ran his thumb boldly against his wife's lower lip. “Damn,” the other man growled. “Too. Damn. Sexy.”

Far from taking offense, Dara gave the man a brilliant smile. “I'm impressed!” Still, she moved away from Russell Lee's touch. “Too Damn Sexy,” she explained to Stefan, “is the name of the lipstick I'm wearing. It's a Reveal product.” Dara didn't bother to hide her amusement at Stefan's blank stare. “You showed me the samples earlier. Remember?”

“Of course.”

In the wake of Lee's bold overture toward Dara, Stefan was not surprised when the other man turned his entire attention toward her. Russell Lee moved into the suite past Stefan as though he were the doorman. Schooling his features into a neutral mask, Stefan closed the door, made his way to where Dara and Lee sat talking, and took a seat opposite them to watch.

“I have a new-found affection for that particular color,” Lee was saying. “I'm quite certain it didn't look that good on the original model. “Then again,” he leaned toward Dara, “she didn't have lips that made me just want to kiss them.”

Dara did not back away, though Lee's face was only inches from her own. “Mr. Lee,” she said patiently, “don't you think it is time you dropped your performance? I assure you my husband isn't disarmed by it. And I… well, I have seen far more outrageous behavior during my days in the District Attorney's Office of Port Charles.”

“You don't enjoy foreplay?” Lee's voice lowered suggestively. He never once glanced Stefan's way.

“Everyone does.” Dara allowed a bit of impatience to show. “What you obviously haven't learned, Mr. Lee, is that it should never overshadow the main event. Perhaps that is a lesson you'll learn while observing my husband pull your company from the brink of ruin.” Dara rose and took a seat at Stefan's side. “So… shall we finally talk business?”