The Bed You Make
Chapter 19
~ Caveat emptor (the buyer beware) ~


The elevator descended floors so smoothly that it was nearly impossible to say with any certainty whether it was moving or not. The only proof they had that they'd begun to move was the descending lights of the panel overhead. Stefan nodded in approval. Such efficiency was not only expected from establishments patronized by the Cassadines, it was demanded.

Instrumental music, heavy with strings, played softly from the overhead speakers. The current song ended just as they stepped aboard. Dara immediately recognized the new tune. She cast a pointed glance at Stefan before softly singing a few bars aloud. “ You're so vain ,” she sang, “ You probably think this song is about you…

Stefan sighed. “Must we continue this discussion? I merely pointed out that the most logical conclusion to be reached is that Russell Lee's tactics were designed to provoke a reaction from me. His is a common – but crude – business maneuver.” He turned and looked at Dara. “Such an observation does not cast any slight upon you.”

“Of course not,” Dara replied acidly. “Who could take offense at hearing that a handsome man's attraction to you couldn't possibly be legitimate because it's not your attention he wants, but your husband's?”


Dara waved him off. “Forget it, Stefan. You actually did me a favor,” she added. “You reminded me of something I promised myself not to forget.”

Stefan waited for Dara to elaborate, but none was forthcoming. “Is that the reason for this impromptu side journey?”

“You don't have to come along.” They had reached the underground parking garage. Stefan's driver had the limousine idling and awaiting their arrival. “I am more than capable of doing this by myself.”

“Undoubtedly.” He waited for Dara to slide into the back seat. “Nonetheless, I will accompany you as stated.”

Dara squared her shoulders. “Fine. Just stay out of my way once we get there.”