The Bed You Make
Chapter 20
~ Annie, Are you Okay ? ~


If silence could exist as a tangible thing, then it would undoubtedly be the enormous elephant seated on a serving tray smack dab in the center of the breakfast table.

Through dark eyelashes Nikolas Cassadine glanced at both Stefan and Dara. They had not spoken to one another except to make the most superficial of exchanges. Something had happened during the pair's recent trip to the city. And whatever it was had not been good.

Nikolas broke the silence. “What will today's discussion be?”

Dara shook her head. “I am not quite up for our daily discussion.” Both men turned worried glances her way. “I think that I will just take a break today.”

“You did not,” Stefan chided, “mention that you were feeling unwell. I will summon the doctor.”

“That's not necessary.” Dara pushed away her half-eaten plate of food. “It's just a bit of jet lag. I am sure it will pass.”

Nikolas rose politely when Dara made her exit from the room. His uncle did the same. “What,” Nikolas demanded as soon as he was certain Dara was out of earshot, “happened between you?”

If ,” Stefan emphasized the word, “something happened between Dara and me, it should remain between Dara and me.”

“Not if it jeopardizes my goals,” Nikolas replied. “Since Dara's appointment as Trustee, I have almost come to believe that my ideas for our family's future might actually be accomplished. I would hate to think that a misunderstanding between you could derail that.” The young prince stood firm against his uncle's frown.

Stefan finally conceded. “I cannot recount what happened as I have yet to comprehend precisely what occurred.”

“Was it something you said or something you did?”

Stefan raised a brow. “Your willingness to assume the fault was mine disturbs me,” he said wryly.

Nikolas held up a placating hand. “Alexis once told me that where there is a misunderstanding between a man and a woman, the man is always at fault.”