The Bed You Make
Chapter 25
~ Welcome to the Neighborhood ~


The pair moved through the hallways of Wyndemere exchanging some quiet – and unheard – conversation. To the casual observer, they were the portrait of gentle affection. Knowledgeable observers, on the other hand, saw a different truth. They knew that the hand grasping Helena Cassadine's elbow did not guide her so much as it assured her cooperation in vacating Wyndemere and Spoon Island. And their quiet conversation? Verbal jousting of the most deadly kind.

“Shall I guess the purpose of your clandestine visit, Mother?”

“There is no need to guess, Stefan. My reason for visiting is the same as your reason for allowing it,” Helena replied. “I wished to see if the young woman you married was up to the challenge she has so unwittingly accepted. Do you believe your trusting accomplice,” she mused, “would be pleased to discover that you facilitated the meeting between us?”

“Come now,” Helena forestalled any response Stefan might have made. “Surely you will not insult us both by pretending you were unaware of my presence beforehand? Petrov's absence confirmed that you were.”

The duo reached the steep line of steps to the launch. Helena paused; obediently Stefan released her elbow and instead offered up his arm for support. The pair descended the steps in silence.

“Now…” Helena resumed her conversation, “it is your turn for truth. Just what did you seek to accomplish by observing my visit with your new bride? Was it a test of her intellect? Or was it a test of her loyalty?”

The Cassadine dowager allowed her lips to curve into a faint smile. “Or perhaps it was a test to gauge the depths of the growing attraction you feel for her.”

Helena did not bother to watch the trajectory of the dart she gracefully tossed her son's way. Her accuracy was confirmed by the sudden stillness of Stefan's already quiet form. “Oh, my dear Stefan,” she laughed softly.

“My foolish, foolish Stefan.” Gently, Helena reached out and cupped her younger son's face in her gloved hand. “When will you learn?”