The Bed You Make
Chapter 26, continued

Dara awoke to the sounds of activity in the room. She pried open one eye and watched Mrs. Landsbury enter the section of closet that housed her wardrobe. Wincing, Dara quickly closed her eye and made the uncharacteristic decision to avoid the situation by feigning sleep. It was true that the longtime housekeeper worked for the Cassadine family and was owed no apologies. Still, Dara wasn't prepared to face Mrs. Landsbury after this latest move back into Stefan's suite of rooms.

Listening intently, Dara tracked the soft rustle of the housekeeper's clothing as she moved from the closet to the bathroom. The faint sound of running water began. “Good morning, Miss Dara.” Mrs. Landsbury's voice was near. “You have a few moments to freshen up before Amynta returns with your breakfast tray.”

Dara stopped pretending that she was still asleep. “Thank you, Mrs. Landsbury,” she sheepishly replied.

“I have taken the liberty,” Mrs. Landsbury informed her, “of laying out your clothes for the day.”

“Thank you, again. And I am sorry that you have had to go back and forth with my things. Hopefully, I won't have to do that anymore. But,” Dara hastened to add, “if I do, I will handle the move by myself.”

Mrs. Landsbury clucked her tongue. “Nonsense!”

Dara watched her leave the suite. She got the impression that Mrs. Landsbury's exasperated response had more to do with the part about Dara's relationship with Stefan than it did her constant moves in and out of the master suite. Was it possible, Dara suddenly wondered, that the longtime housekeeper was not privy to the truth of her marriage to Stefan?

She had no time to contemplate it. The maid, Amynta, returned bearing a tray loaded with food. “Just leave it there,” Dara instructed the young woman.

“Very good, Madam. Shall I return in an hour to retrieve the tray?”

Dara nodded absently. “An hour will be fine,” she replied. The tantalizing scents of the foods on the tray were making her mouth water. If she hurried and freshened up, she could get to breakfast before her food got cold.