The Bed You Make
Chapter 29
~ Time to Leave the nest ~

The waters around Spoon Island were fairly calm. The Cassadine launch cut through the dark waters with only an occasional bump. The launch was named Chastushka, a Cassadine homage of sorts to the irony of using a two hundred thousand dollar, thirty-three foot sport cruiser as a daily ferry.

Stefan Cassadine, the head of the Cassadine family, sat on the launch's leather bench with his wife of over three months. He and Dara were on their way to Manhattan for the night. The next day the couple would depart for a stay in Greece.

"Someone is waiting at the docks," Dara observed quietly. "I just saw a car pull up."

Stefan followed his wife's gaze. "It is Nikolas," he said. "He was visiting with young Miss Quartermaine, but assured me that he would be at the docks for last minute instructions."

"Oh." Dara nodded. "I am glad. I thought I wouldn't get the chance to tell him goodbye."

Stefan allowed his amusement to seep into his tone. "You act as though," he put forth, "Nikolas will not be joining us in several weeks. Or that you are traveling to Greece, never to return."

Dara scowled. "If your mother had her way, I probably wouldn't return," she said. "No Nikolas has been really generous with his time since I became your wife. I am sure he has some insider information about this trip to share, things I need to know to keep from being eaten alive," Dara joked.

"You needn't worry about insider information, as you say. The flight to Greece, "Stefan reminded Dara, "will provide ample opportunity for the two of us to perfect the details necessary for this endeavor to remain successful. The trip is, after all, nearly ten hours of flight time."