The Bed You Make
Chapter 31
~ Missed it by that much ~

Detective Alejandro Garcia finally sauntered into the squad room of the Port Charles Police Department. He held what was left of that morning's coffee offering firmly in hand. A rookie beat cop had met him in the parking lot twenty minutes earlier and presented Alex with the steaming hot beverage sweetened just the way the plainclothes detective liked it. For a moment, Alex had been tempted not to subject the young recruit to his daily task of acting out the 'Teapot Song'. But only for a moment. Instead, Garcia watched straight-faced as the rookie performed the childhood song with forced enthusiasm.

He loved hazing rookies.

"Am I too late?" A fellow veteran detective strode briskly into the room. He'd recently transferred to the PCPD from a neighboring precinct. The rumor was that he'd gotten just a little too close to the local District Attorney's former wife. It didn't matter to the D.A. that his marriage had officially been over for three years. He had set out to make the vet's life a living hell and transfer was soon the man's only option.

Garcia nodded. "Yeah. And today Aoki's rookie brought in fresh biscotti." Long time cop Janet Aoki was partnered with a new recruit whose kid sister was in her second year of culinary school. All the veteran officers were reaping the rewards of the girl's practice assignments. "They were gone like that!" Alex snapped his fingers. "Good thing the kid had enough sense to put some aside for his partner."

"Damn," the other detective swore. "I was out on a call."

"Anything interesting?"


Alex shrugged. While he was grateful for the lack of criminal activity, Alex still looked forward to opportunities to put his training to work in the community. "Me, neither." He cast a baleful eye at the stack of folders that had been placed on his desk overnight. "I guess I'll just knock out some paperwork then."