Agree to Disagree ~

"...to know every detail you can find. I want to know how long the affair has been going on and if it still is ." Nikolas anticipated the man's next question. "Do whatever you must to get the information."

"Am I interrupting?"

"Of course not." At Nikolas' nod, the private detective took his leave. "You are never an interruption to me, Emily." Nikolas Cassadine greeted his fiancée with a kiss and a warm hug. "Your timing is perfect."

Emily turned and looked toward the doorway through which the detective had exited. "That's the private investigator you used when Spencer was kidnapped," she said quietly. "What is going on? Is Spencer alright?"

"Spencer is fine," Nikolas reassured her. "The detective is investigating Sam's affair with Ric Lansing."

Emily's lack of reaction confirmed Nikolas' suspicions. "So," the young prince asked, "how long have you known that Samantha was sleeping with her mother's husband?"

"It only happened once as far as I know," Emily replied. "I didn't tell you about it because I didn't think it was my place to. If Alexis wanted you to know, then it was her information to share."

Nikolas idly fingered one of the freshly cut blossoms that decorated Wyndemere. "I thought perhaps your brother was the reason you hadn't told me about the affair. I know how protective you are of Jason's privacy."

The subject of Emily's brother Jason was a sore one between the couple. Nikolas and Jason had unpleasant history between them dating back to the day Nikolas was shot in the throat while standing outside Luke Spencer's nightclub. The bullet had been intended for Jason.

"Nikolas, please don't try to find a way to blame Jason for what happened between Sam and Ric!" Emily pleaded.

"Is that why Jason and Samantha aren't together anymore?"

Emily bit the inside of her cheek. "I don't know. I don't !" she insisted. "Jason and I have never talked about why he and Sam split up."